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​Facts About Men..Ladies Listen

One fact about men is that a man can only truly love one woman. He may have 20 side chick’s and 30 friends with benefits but amongst all those, it’s only one woman he can die for. When ladies describe their men, they say “I love him for his height, I love him for the way he treats me, I love his characters cause he’s such a gentleman, ETC, men are different, their hearts cannot accommodate more than one woman… 👯
When chatting with their friends dey describe their woman as l’ like her for her body, I like to go out with her because she’s fun to be with, I like her because she’s pretty, I can go with her to my friends houses, I like her because she loves me ETC but for his real woman. A man always says “I DON’T KNOW WHY I LOVE HER.”
Some ladies confuse Love. When a man surprises you with jewelries, takes you out for a coffee date, long road trips on weekends that doesn’t define how much he loves you. Maybe he just enjoys ur company. If you want to know if a man truly loves you, wait until there is a fight. Ur man will always apologize to you if he is the one who wronged you. He would never solve a confrontation with sex”, I’ve heard so many stories about having “angry sex” or “make up sex”, when dey are both mad at each other. Sex should never be used in place of dispute solving ur problems. I don’t understand what ‘angry sex’ is….. 
If ur relationship is so perfect that you never fight, surely one is fooling the other. Fight are always there but the way of solving is very different. There are things ur man would never tell you even when his brains are blowing with anger…….
Ladies love complaining about their man being mama’s boys, but ur man is a mama’s boy because men we go where dey are loved and appreciated. Before complaining how much ur man is a mama’s boy, please ask yourself whether you are the “real” Woman cause it’s only the “real” Woman who gets her man out of her mama’s net…. 

Real Men are endangered species and so should be protected……!💯✔🙌

Hope una here??  OK. 

Guyz, am I making sense?? 😀


  1. Hmmmm…you really make sense. weldone!

  2. Your sense dey intact jare

  3. Mmmm…..Great Advice!

  4. Hmmmm……..

  5. nasooo ooh admin u thinkam weller

  6. True talk

  7. You get small sense sha!

  8. nice advice

  9. You got it….

  10. Ur no 6 dey dere


  12. Yes u are making sense

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