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👥Hi “A1000LAFFERS” Let’s Play This Quick Fun Smart Game – Winners To Get N1,000 Recharge Voucher💰

Our game is called “Five Letter Word Change”  A Letter word game”. Ok? 

Here Is The Idea: Every reader is expected to change one letter from the previous reader’s 5 letter word, mix up the others and create a valid new word. Example: Let’s say, for instance, I pick ‘SPLIT’ The next reader’s reply could be: SPOIL (replace ‘T’ with ‘O’) OR ….LIMPS (replace ‘T’ with ‘M’) OR … You got that, right? Our winners get N1,000 Recharge voucher

Our winners will be the last 2 readers to
drop their comments. He/she, all of
them, get the N1,000 Recharge Voucher Which will be sent to them on Monday morning.

Ready? Here are the basic Rules though:

1. New words should be exactly 5 letters long.

2. Only one letter must be changed.

3. Resultant word must be valid (it
should exist on lol

Let’s have fun with this, guys.
Hope y’all had a great day today? I’m starting off the game by dropping my
word –“PURSE” Who’s next?

Let The Fun Begin!


  1. Dis is my own word ‘GLORY’ let’s roll…..

  2. SPEAR (replace “U” with “A”)

  3. “serum” replace p with m

  4. Pause

  5. Pause

  6. SPEAR. (replace “U” with “A”)

  7. Charming_rascal 081286893**


  8. cruse

  9. Alfred Nashon 09031155857

    I change the “U” in “PURSE” and changed it to letter O making new word “PROSE”

  10. Alfred Nashon 09031155857

    I take the “U” in the word “PURSE” and changed it to letter O thus making new word “PROSE”

  11. Alfred Nashon 09031155857

    I take the “U” in the word “PURSE” and changed it to letter O thus making new word “PROSE”

  12. CURSE

  13. IDORENYIN NATH 08027127127


  14. Cares I remove u and put a

  15. Emmhanuel Opomulero 09071838801

    Prise, i replace ‘U’ with ‘I’.

  16. cant u read instructions.u are to change one word from the previous reader and not the word the admin dropped.

  17. FLOW 09091575420 (etisalat)

    Prose. I replaced “I” with “O” from de previous comment.

  18. Sperm(u with m)

  19. hoolatunde 08100490727 mtn


  20. Some guys on this blog can understand simple instruction. You have spoilt the fun of the game

  21. Pears ( replace u with a)

  22. See dem see instructions & answers… lol

  23. purse (replace p with…… c)

  24. Lets start this shit afresh,,

    Admin droped PURSE


  25. Curse 09026930389

  26. Serum 09074054159

  27. Admin!
    Dis game ws interesting, bt some guys who dont understand hv spoilt d fun. Pls lets do it tomoro nd lets do better pls @fellownigerians.

  28. ROMAN (replacing U and E)@fawaz

  29. Moral

  30. Coral 09026930389

  31. Local :replace “r” with “l”

  32. NURSE

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  34. ukpaka 08029749433

    pulse replacing “u” with “l”

  35. slump (replace e with m)

  36. psalm07017034144

  37. Sleep replaced u with e…… 08039202446

  38. Peeps replaced L with P

  39. IFECO B 08127424826 AIRTEL

    SOUP (i replaced A with U)

  40. Franklef 08149595853

    Pipes(replaced ‘E’ with ‘I’ ) from peeps.

  41. lines ( replace p with l)

  42. Fawaz 08102686071


  43. cages { replace n with g}

  44. cause (07013655420)

  45. cones

  46. From the previous reader’s cones
    I replace c with t and produce

  47. Tones (replaced C with T)

  48. Spoon

  49. Fawaz 08102686071


  50. pulse, replace R with L

  51. Pause

  52. RAPHAEL 07010088039


  53. Why now ENSURE is a 6 letters words now you spoil the sun

  54. Surge,( G is replacing P )

  55. SURGE (G is replacing P

  56. shrub
    replaced E with B

  57. CURSE, 08122433128

  58. COURSE-08023850799

  59. burst replace y with t

  60. crust,replace b wit c

  61. trust replace c with t

  62. Truth replace s with t

  63. THUMB


  65. SPEAK..SPEAR 08145039750

  66. Realy

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