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10 Common Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys (Photo)

I found this very educating and thought to share with you.
Deaths from kidney related illnesses and damages have been common of recent in Nigeria.

Better to live well than pay the doctor!


  1. Thanks

  2. Lack of sleep
    Is that so????

  3. Regular use of analgesics
    Lack of sleep
    Not emptying your bladder timely…funny enough, I take a piss on the interval of two hours and I’m beginning to get tired. But now I know it’s for my liver, I might even increase it to twice every hour! LOL!

    The remaining two tho…I’ll try to work on them.
    My kidneys must not die before me! * tongue out*

    Thanks Admin for this timely information

  4. *now I know it’s for my kidney

  5. Abi oh @scarlett

  6. Thankx 4 dis info, soft work…

  7. Thank for dis informative photo about kidney

  8. Copied

  9. Such an important information.

  10. Hmm, guilty of about 4 of them. I
    hate drinking water (funny
    enough), I hardly sleep (they say
    it’s insomnia), I can hold up urine
    for a very long time (I nor like to
    dey piss every time). E be like sey
    I dey sometimes use enough salt
    cook oo.
    I have really learnt something
    interesting today and I’ll amend
    my ways accordingly.
    Thank you

  11. I sabi hold piss for long

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