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Be Sincere! What Is The Longest Time Interval You Have Ever Taken To Call Your Spouse, Why?

My longest ever was 6 days and was because I didn’t feel like. I dunno why I have this bad and unacceptable phobia for calls, as in I hate making calls or receiving call, I would rather chats till midnight.


So tell us yours through the comments section below.



  1. Me myself n i a take my time to call her atlease twice a day morning n night

  2. Abeg live me,i no get o

  3. As for me i call my fiance at every seconds just to hear her voice.

  4. Nonsense

  5. my spouse dnt even lyk calling

  6. we prefer chatting than calls..we chat hell a long time

  7. Hmmm….A month or maybe longer. There are chat apps everywhere now. I find it weird calling after chatting….

  8. Hmmm 😊😊

  9. d longest time is a day wen we have a little misunderstanding

  10. I Don’t Call Her Too Often………But We Do Chat A Lot(Non Stop).

  11. who d hell cares

  12. mine is once a week

  13. d lngest time intterval dat i av called my former gal was 10mins an dat was because she was far away from me .if not for dat it would av been our normal 6mins or below chat

  14. Eruku ni mi, mi kin fall in luv

  15. loading……. single tinz

  16. shall i n my girfy everyday we talk n chat per hour,
    but since dis recession radiant na only chat we prefer

  17. 2hrs,cos she took my gold watch without tellin me……LOLS

  18. I cant even remember wen last i did dat,becus he doesnt call so i got tired of calling.

  19. some times we call
    bt all d times we do chat

  20. once in a year

  21. why you too dey lie like this?

  22. it was before but now I wanna focus with my studies

  23. I can be of help dear!

  24. I no even get.

  25. It a week, last week to be precise . She called my mum and tell her I haven’t called her in a week

  26. Celestine will answer that

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