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3 Year Old Girl With Kidney Tumour The Size Of A Ball

​Dramatic new photographs have illustrated the plight of children suffering from a common form of pediatric cancer. The three snapshots, taken in India’s Chitrakoot Dham Karwi, this week, offer graphic insight into the pain of Wilms Tumours – a rare form of growths that target the kidneys.

Identified only as Sohana, the infant is shown on a busy roadside – stomach protruding – while being held by a relative.

The child’s painful-looking mass is so swollen that the youngster appears unable to wear her clothes properly, with her t-shirt barely covering the tumour’s tip and her elasticated trousers gathered underneath it.

Shockingly, Wilms tumours are the most common cancers in children, accounting for 9 out of 10 cases, but – according to cancer charity Macmillan -the causes of it are largely unknown.

Fortunately, all children are expected to undergo a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, before undergoing surgery.


  1. So unusual

  2. god should have mercy on this child!!

  3. Lawdy, Have Mercy!

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  5. lord plz i 10ks u for my ow life oooo.may God have mercy

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