7 Ways You Can Boost Your Boring Relationship


1.Compliment your partner’s parent: “I love how your Dad makes friends wherever he goes”; “I love how your Mom always asks after my family.”

2. Surprise your partner by doing a task you do not normally do: this task may be taking out the trash or cleaning the bathtub etc.

3.Use a nickname you have stopped using: Think back to the start of your relationship to any affectionate nicknames you used to use but have stopped using.

4.Compliment one of your partner’s friends: “I really admire how smart Kunle or Dolapo is.” Why? It shows you think your partner has good taste in friends.

5.Thank your partner for something you usually take for granted: “Thanks for cleaning off the plates again, sweetie.”

6.Do something fun you used to do together that you have stopped doing: Maybe you used to play Monopoly when you first started dating, or maybe you used to take a walk outside for ice cream after dinner. (The activity may take longer than a minute, but the suggestion won’t; it will take less than a minute.)

7.Bring up a positive memory of something you did together: “I was just thinking about how fun it was to pick out plants together last weekend.”You know the positive memory you have had with your partner. Try and bring them out once again to spice up your relationship.
All this act goes a long way in the relationship and it will definitely make your partner appreciate you much better.


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