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A Day In The Life Of A Lazy Girl – Episode 3

Posted by on September 24, 2016.

Written By Bibijay


A devil named Linda 
* Tomi*
I cried all day, my throat became sore, my eyes were red and puffy. I filled the bathtub with my tears, i didn’t even know what names to call Linda any more, she was a manipulating, evil and conniving b.itch. How and where she had met or known Richie was beyond me. Will i tell my mom I lost yet another relationship? the poor woman want to tell people to come buy her own daughter’ s aso ebi too. She was always asking after ” him” and her calls always end with ” When are we meeting him?”
I remembered to cuss that guy too! why didn’t he go home when i asked him to? he made Richie believe i was cheating on him! I sat so long in the tub, i was begining to feel cold. If Richie truly loves me why didn’t he run after me when i caught them? why didn’t he run after me when i left his parent’ s house? he didnt even call to check up on me! 
” Nobody want me, who will anyway?” i said to myself. I don’t even know what colors to match, I can’t even get my hair to listen to me!”
How long has Richie been cheating on me with Linda? Oh Linda? how do i stay in the same office with someone so evil?…..i was only her assistance but i do most of the work and she takes credit for it! where will i get another job that will pay me as much as they pay me? Richie didn’t even run after me like they do in those Mexican Operas and he hasn’t even called yet! 
I buried my head between my thighs and wept. Why Linda? She could have gotten any man of her choice with just a snap of her fingers but she choose my own man! How do i even begin to look for another job? i was the one paying my mom’ s hospital bills because my dad was living on pension. I wanted to talk to someone, I can’t even call my mom because she will be heartbroken …….i have just lost her future son in_ law. 
Joseph Residence

” None of you complimented the food, is it not good?” Maggie joked.
” Oh Auntie, the meal is delicious! and you are the best cook in the world” Victoria said.
Mr Joseph laughed heartily. ” Don’t mind your aunt, she’s always fishing for compliments. Anyway i love the meal, i like how you cooked the fish and the sauce is fantastic ”
Maggie beamed like a little girl. She scooped some sauce into Victoria’ s plate, she patted the hand of the young girl lovingly. Vicky was always her favorite, she felt guilty at her thought. It wasn’t Linda’ s fault that she was the way she is. Linda had always been a difficult child and she has become a very bitter person. The girls mother, bless her heart, had taken Maggie under her wing when she was a young girl. Their mother was such a kind hearted woman but she had a heart condition which led to her untimely death.
Maggie felt the only way to repay her kindness was to take care of the little girls she left behind. She had tried her best to raise up the girls properly but somehow she had failed with Linda.
” Are you alright Maggie? you look so gloomy ” Mr Joseph asked with concern.
” Goodness me! I was only reminiscing over the past”
” No wonder you look so sad. I will have that exact look on my face if i led a wasted life. Especially if i lived my life playing second fiddle to a dead woman” Linda smirked at her aunt.
” Linda! What is wrong with you?! ” her father admonished.
” How could you say that? ” Victoria said. ” Don’t mind her auntie ”
” Apologize to your aunt” 
Maggie laughed uneasily to ease the tension in the air. She had slaved hard in the kitchen to make a grand dinner and it was all going wrong. 
” Raising you two is the best thing to ever happen to me and I will do it all over again without a second thought. That to me is a fulfilled life, raising two beautiful and intelligent women” 
‘” That is so lovely auntie Maggie. I love you ” Victoria crooned.
” I love you too sweetie. Linda, you want more sauce?”
” No thank you ” she said in a clipped tone.
” I still haven’t heard you apologize to your aunt” her father said.
“” Why should i apologize to her dad? and who the hell is she?” 
Victoria gasped. Linda scraped back her chair and stood up. 
” This is my house and the food you were eating seconds ago was bought with my money! While you are under my roof you will respect me and your elders!”
” She is just an over paid nanny! Isn’t it time she move on?” She threw her fork on the table and walked out of the dining.
” Linda! Linda!” Maggie got up.
” Let her go. Her days in my house are numbered” 
They went on with dinner like nothing happened but the tension and unspoken emotions hovered in the air. Alone in her room, Linda paced up and down. She dialed a number on her phone and waited.
” Hello. How far?” A deep male voice said.
” I have a job for you.”
” Details”
” I want you to hold someone hostage for twenty four hours”
” Details and consider it done”
She smiled as she gave him the details of the job she had for him.

I was furiously typing my resignation letter on my laptop when an unknown number popped up on the screen of my phone. 
” Your leave has been cut short. Send the proposal and other documents I asked you to draft now. We have a meeting in Abuja tomorrow, the driver will pick you up by 8.30 am. By the way don’t wear one of those your tacky suit.” Linda said and hung up.
I fumed and cursed under my breath. My phone rang out again and i reached for the phone, prepared to give Linda a piece of my mind but my dad was the caller. I took a deep breath and answered it.
” Hello Daddy!” i said in the most cheerful voice i could muster.
” Hello Omo dada ( good child) how are you? Woman lower the volume of the Tv!” 
I could hear mom bickering in the background as she tune down the volume of the old Tv Set,Their playful banter brought a smile to my lips.
” Hello Eyitomi are you there? your…your mother is going deaf o. If she persist in this way i will go look for a young girl to marry”
I could hear mummy telling him to go look for the young girl.
” No woman can hold a candle to my mother” i said.
” Oh oooo, i know you will take sides with her. Ehen i have priced the mini bus, it is six hundred and fifty thousand naira”.
How could i have forgotten about that? My dad was retired now and waiting for his pension money to come through is like waiting for the second coming of Christ. I asked him to purchase a bus which will be given to a driver who will work and deliver. 
” OK sir”
” When will you send the money you promised me?”
How do i tell him that i was typing my resignation letter at that very moment? i mentally calculated how much will be left in my account if i give him half of the money. I will definitely go broke, i stared at the screen of my laptop as tears filled my eyes. I wiped it away with the back of my palm.
” I will transfer three hundred and fifty thousand naira to you tonight ” i heard myself reply.
I heard him sigh happily and it gladdened my heart.
” Okare Omo Ekun, ose, your children will also do same for you ”
” Amen”
He handed the phone to mummy who rained more prayers into my life. God knows i need those prayers. I deleted the resignation letter I was typing, i sent the proposal and documents to Linda’ s mail before i could change my mind. I had no choice anyway, where will i get another job that will pay me as much as my current job?

Twenty year old Victoria Joseph walked down the stairs. She was a beautiful, slim young lady with an ebony glowing skin. Her eyes were perhaps a bit big for her face but they accentuated her beauty rather than mar it. She pinched her full love shaped lips between her teeth, she could never tell the best feature about her face, her aunt said she was as beautiful as a morning rose and her dad once likened her beauty to that of Michelle Obama but they were her family and they would say anything just to please her.

She wished she favored their mother like her sister, Linda had a flawless glowing skin, she was tall, her long legs went all the way up. She was so beautiful, her list of suitors were as long as, from here to Antarctica. She smiled, maybe she exaggerated a bit but Linda was classy, she had poise and she never had a hair out of place. She was a lady through and through even if she makes no effort to be one. Victoria wished she could flutter her lashes too and have men drop at her feet, she wished she could even flirt properly, flirting was a talent her sister was born with. But she was content to be herself, a comely shy and quiet introvert.
She met auntie Maggie setting breakfast, she gave her a big smile.
” Good morning Auntie, how was your night?”
Maggie beamed back at her, a dimple reflected on her left cheek.” Morning dearie, my night was pleasant, how was yours?” She lied smoothly. 
She had tossed all night, unable to sleep. The hurtful words Linda hurled at her the previous night had gotten to her and she realized they had an atomb of truth in it.
” My night was fine. I’ m going to check on Mrs Adams”
Mrs Adams was a widowed old woman who had no children. Victoria takes a basket of fruit to her every morning.
” OK dear. Please hurry back, you know your flight is at 10.am”
” I will hurry back Auntie”
” Alright. Please take some cookies along for her too, she sure loves cookies”
” I will ” Victoria replied.
She packed a basket of fruit and other things she knew the old woman likes and went out of the house. She could have driven the short distance to her place but she choose to walk. Early morning walks soothes her, she loved humming to herself and there’s a certain kind of bliss in listening to the cheerful chirping of the morning birds. This morning the streets were almost deserted, which was the way she liked it. It was like the whole world belongs to only her. 
” Aunty! Aunty!”
She looked around. A large muscled man was trying to catch up with her. The poor man, he must have been trying to get her attention for a while, she was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear him. 
” I seem to have lost my way” he said drawing close to her. He gave her a cold calculated smile as he lifted up the hem of his polo to reveal the gun tucked into his jean pocket.
Victoria gasped and trembled in fear, her big eyeballs widening in fright. ” Please sir, please don’t hurt me”
” I won’t hurt you if you cooperate with me but if you pull any funny stunt i won’t hesitate to splash the content of your skull all over this place. ”
He collected the basket from her, he took hold of her arm like they were lovers going for a morning stroll. 
” Move and act like nothing is amiss.”
She nooded her head vigorously. ” Where are…..you….. taking me? ”
Two elderly women jogged towards them, she wanted to cry for help but she knew she would only be endangering their lives and hers too. The man tightened his grip on her arm and pulled her forward. 
” Shut up and keep moving”
A black Suv pulled up next to them and he shoved her into it. The elderly joggers were gisting about their grand kids, they didn’t notice anything strange about the couple ahead of them.
Linda came down for breakfast in a navy colored Italian suit. She glanced at her wrist watch, the time was 8.45am. Her aunt was spreading syrup on her pancake. She pulled out a chair and sat down.
” Good morning Linda” Maggie said cheerfully.
” Where is Victoria? ” 
Maggie looked worried.” She took a basket of fruit to Mrs Adams. I have been trying to reach her but her number is not available. ”
” Why didn’t you go look for her? why are we paying you so much money if all you do is to sit on your rump and eat us out of home. Anyway, that stu.pid girl knew we had an important meeting today yet she choose to go play charity”
” Please don’t talk about your sister like that. I will go get her” she stood up.
” You should. It is your job”
Maggie hurried out of the house. Immediately she left Linda called the driver and left for the airport.



To be continued



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  1. You Guys Should Try In The Beginning Of A Story As In From Episode 1 To Type The Fictional Names Of The Actors And Actress And Their Roles And The Relations They Have So It Will Be More Understanding,I Am Trying To Grasp These

    by ViCiK on Sep 25, 2016 at 12:27 am

  2. Me too am even confused, I don’t knw who is who again

    by anita on Oct 27, 2016 at 10:43 pm

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