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A Must Read For Every Lady Who Wants To Experience A Happy Marriage

Posted by on September 17, 2016.

I have seen many marriages break up and it seems there is a common ground for disintegration.Today I will be as real as usual and it will be in the best interest of any married lady or intending wife to take this piece seriously.

If you are a married lady reading this I want you to understand that these 3 facts are essential for you to experience a happy union.

1. Expect your hubby to cheat on you: I have heard many times that not all men cheat and I sincerely believe but nevertheless, to be on the safer side, expect that man to cheat on you.

By having this expectation, you will not be caught unaware and you would have developed a psychological shock absorber in the advent that he does but if he remains faithful to you then good for you. It is totally foolish for a lady to hinge her marital happiness on her husband’s fidelity.

And the moment you start seeing those cheating signs in him,rather that start threatening fire and brimstone which may worsen the situation, i will advice that you simply warn him to do it as far can from you because what you don’t know can’t hurt you and warn him to use a protection to avoid bringing home STDs.

Once you tell him this, just switch to indifferent mode as regards his sexual faithfulness to you and choose to be happy regardless. Hard I know but this is just how the cookie crumbles and this is one secret to having marital bliss even with a hopeless philanderer.

This is one big secret i want every married lady reading this to know; Yes cheating must be discouraged and guys involved must understand that it is a sure way to hell but no matter how long you preach against it,men who want to cheat will still cheat on their wives but here is the secret…98% of men who cheat on their wives still love their wives so dearly but only want to take advantage of ladies who have willingly offered their-selves as side dishes…NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR MARRIAGE FOR A SIDE DISH TO TAKE OVER because that is what she wants you to do and even if you leave your marriage, there is no guaranty that your next man won’t do worse. Believe it or not, most men always come back to their wives no matter how many side dishes they take advantage of and many men suffer from mid-life delusion crises where they believe it is their right to be with as any ladies as possible but relax, that euphoria and delusion will soon wear off and you will have your man 100% to yourself…This is one big secret i just revealed to you.

2. Make your own money: Do you know that if you are really busy with your life and very financially independent, you will care less about who your husband sees, where he goes and what he does outside the home or even what he has in his will? Do you know that men respect financially independent ladies?

What I want many married ladies to know is that once they are married and start having children, the most important thing in their life at that point is self development and that of the child(ren). When you spend time developing yourself, even your hubby will give you great respect. Please don’t ever settle to be a full housewife..at worst get a shop around where you stay and do something.

3.Perform your marital duties: Men do not joke with bedroom and kitchen matters. Do you know how to cook your husband’s favourite meals? do you know how to make him go crazy in the room?

Most men who cheat are lured by either good food or bed-magics of another lady. While you refuse to go down on him and give him those crazy moves, one lady out there is ready to do stuffs that will make him have an attention at work just by thinking about her.

Many married ladies keep nagging about their husband’s infidelity while neglecting those virtues that will endear their husbands more to them..most times when a man is drawn away by another lady, there is usually something that lady is doing that you are lacking so focus first on becoming a great wife before you complain of your husband’s infidelity.

And for the man, be communicative and let your wife knows what you want so that she can do her best to make the union a better one.
And if you are so hell bent on cheating on your wife please do it as far away as you can because one of the biggest ridicule and disrespect you can bring on your marriage is to cheat on her to her face.

I believe that if married ladies understand these three points, they will always remain happy in their marriages and infact grow old with their partners till death do them apart. You just understand that no one holds the key to your marital happiness except you.

I hope this makes sense

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5 Responses

  1. Of course, it makes sense!

    by Folu on Sep 18, 2016 at 12:27 pm

  2. Nice write up, u nail it

    by amanda on Sep 18, 2016 at 2:50 pm

  3. I really appreciate that number two. A woman should ve health I mean her source of income because their re certain tinx that shouldn’t be taken likely when men behaves

    by Deraababy on Sep 18, 2016 at 6:01 pm

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    by Anonymous on Sep 18, 2016 at 6:36 pm

  5. This article was stolen from nairaland, right?

    by Copy copy on Sep 18, 2016 at 9:40 pm

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