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A Must Read: How To Survive The No Admission Drama

Posted by on September 22, 2016.


So over the years I’ve been a victim of the bad educational system in Nigeria. So I’ve come up with a few academic skills or ideas to admission seekers. I hope this works cous am hoping to be an educational consultant

1) Always have a back up plan – The mistake I made all the years of seeking admission was that I relied on only Jamb. And it cost me a lot of years. Jamb is good but make your research on other admission requirements that universities accept. An example is remedial you can enroll for the predegree / remedial program run by the school of your choice. This gives you at least 89% admission chance than Jamb. Also you can use a program like IJMB as a backup plan you might need to know that it was the saving grace for me that earned me my admission finally. And also diploma programs. Though expensive but worth it.

2 Catchment – Try as much as possible to pick a school that your state of origin falls under the catchment area. That way you have a higher chance of gaining admission.

3. Ask questions- Don’t just think because you have 5 credits in your O level that you can study any course. Ensure you understand the major course requirements before picking the course on your Jamb slip.

4. Pray – Don’t forget the God factor. Just because you were denied admission doesn’t mean he has forgotten you. He hasn’t. He probably planning the best school for you.


5. Pick schools with less applicants:

Not everyone will got admission to UI, Unilag or Unilorin, what matter most is your good grades after graduation.

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