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Akpos Joke: Initiation Ceremony

Akpos mistakenly sent two million naira to a wrong phone number via Mobile Money. He realized that before the person would withdraw the money, he had to think of what to do to get his money back.

He immediately sent this text to the number: “Hello Dark and Worthy Initiate, I hope you are okay, I believe you’ve received the money I sent you for the initiation ceremony into Eternal Mystical Order Of Glorious Satanism (EMOGS) in the Ogboni Fraternity scheduled to happen at midnight tomorrow.

That money is only for transport, I will send you more for pocket money and there are riches awaiting you. “Two weeks after the initiation, your closest family member will die mysteriously and this death will unlock your ticket to wealth, ability to fly at night and change into all kinds of animals to deliver your various assignments.

Remember to carry a syringe and needle meant to draw your blood every 20 minutes. Please don’t be late because the Viceroy of Satan himself will be present to officiate the ceremony. Thanks in advance. But just in case you are not ready to join, please send back the money otherwise you will die in the next 24 hours.” Three minutes later, he got a message that says: “I will take my chances.”


  1. He don jego

  2. lwkmd really funny tho


  4. Akpos is finished

  5. hahaha akpo is stupid

  6. hahaha akpos is stupid

  7. Akpos is nt stupid but very wise, in the sense that he made a mistake and quickly thought of a way out, dou it didn’t work out but is a wise man. Some people will make that mistake and would nt have an ideal of retreaving that money instead ended up hurting themselves and crying

  8. Akpos don enter Yawa

  9. Hahahaha…. No deal

  10. dat is all 4 him

  11. Much sabi don drag mistak enter lose.

  12. Akpos na wise man oo… But he no get the money back

  13. d guy get sense

  14. i have seen this b4 but the respond he got was: please send another 2 million my friend is also intersted.

  15. He should have simply pleaded with the person

  16. I really luv it

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