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Akpos No Be Maga

AKPOS: I’m coming to see you honey.

GIRL: Alright baby.

AKPOS: I love you, I can’t wait to see you…I’m getting ready to leave now.

GIRL: Okay but honey, I’m on my period, just letting you know incase.

AKPOS: My car just broke down, I can’t come and see you.

GIRL: Get your friend to bring you, like he always does.

AKPOS: He got shot by armed robbers so I can’t come, I’m sorry.

GIRL: Oh never mind, I’m not on my period.

AKPOS: My friend has just been discharged from hospital and he has said he’s okay, he’s fine and he will take me now. I’m coming sweetheart.

GIRL: sh*t! I’m really on my period, just did not notice.

AKPOS: Damn! He has been shot again. I can’t come


  1. Lol very funny

  2. Funny joke continue thumbs up.

  3. Him Never Won Turn Fada

  4. bahd guy

  5. Akpos oo,u wunt kil me

  6. Smart Guy

  7. Nice one, good one I love that.

  8. Akpos wont kill with laff

  9. Hummmmmm

  10. Akpos is so funny

  11. Really how many time they go shot one person

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