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Allen Avenue “Story Of A Call Worker” – Episode 20

Posted by on September 9, 2016.

I was shocked to see the doctor who had broken the bad news of my illness to me, at the AIDS Survivor Support Group. So he had been talking about himself on that fateful day! but he had altered the story to give me hope, to give Chiboy hope. Hope was all i had left…… I clung to it desperately in the middle of the night when my bones aches, when a part of my face starts swelling for no reason. I hoped that death won’t sneak up on me when i least expected it.
That was why i had given my dad a call. I had picked up my phone and dialed his number before i could get cold feet. I felt like a little girl again……..i wanted approval. I want love and hugs. I wanted my dad to accept me.
” Hello. Who is this?” he answered in his thick ibo accent. 
” Dad” i whispered.
There was silence in the background until i heard a scratching sound, a distant sound of tears and laughter.
” Nne, Ify? ”
” Yes it’s me.”
He was crying now and i felt awkward not knowing what to say.
” Nne where are you? i want to see you “.
I disconnect the call and switched off my phone. 
But after my discussion with doctor Debola who had contracted the virus through a needle stick injury at work, i realized just how much i had missed my dad. I texted him my address as Ebere drove us back home that night.
Early the next morning a knock sounded at the door, i walked slowly, my breath was coming out in pants. I opened the door and froze.
” My baby!” 
Dad enveloped me into his arms crying like a baby. Mom stood awkwardly, she tried to touch me but i drew back. 
” Ify…… am sorry” she said.
I gave a little tired laugh. Dad sat down still holding me in his arms. Mom went on her knees.
” I know i have lost the right to call you my child and i don’t except you to forgive me but please give me another chance. Please don’t push me away,i did my best combing everywhere for you.”
” Yea when Toby died! you were looking for a replacement! please stand up! i have nothing against you and you are right! you have lost the right to be my mother!”
She sobbed silently on her knees.
” Ify please…… i know we have wronged you greatly but please forgive us. Your mother has been through a lot and she is a changed person now.”
I stood up angrily.” She has been through a lot!?,do you have any idea what i have been through?! I was raped and kicked out in the middle of the night!”
They both gasped and mom’ s sobs became louder.

” Do you have any idea what have even been through?! how i managed to survive for the past ten years! you both ruined my life! I will never get married! i will never become a mother! i won’t get to see my children graduate! I won’t even live to see my 30th birthday! ”
Dad got up and took me into his arms, we were both crying.
” What happened to you Ify? are you sick? I will fly you overseas for treatment, am so sorry my child. Don’t talk about death Nne, you are still so young and there is no illness without cure as long as there is money.”
” This one has no cure dad”
” Ify we will fly you oversea, you will be OK” mom said.
I shook my head. ” I am HIV_ positive” 
Their eyes widened in shock, Fear, horror and denial.

There were some new cars in the Williams’ s parking lot. I wondered if they had visitors, but who goes visiting someone early on a Thursday morning? It must be an emergency i decided. I slide the screen door open and entered the living room.
” Hi! I thought you had stood us up” Ayo said sauntering towards me, a cup of tea in his hand. He looked so delectable and my mouth watered.
” Hi. Sorry am a little late”
” No problem. You came at the right time, my wife and kid just arrived”.
Wife and kid? so Lola was alive! why did i even listen to that red haired demon in the first place. So Lola had another child, i was over the moon with the good news.
” They are in the visitor’ s sitting room. Come with me” he said placing the cup in his hand on a little crystal saucer on the dining table.
I followed him up the stairs into the wing b of the house. They were all laughing at something. My heart beat accelerated, how would Lola react? 
The laughter ceased when we entered. A biracial woman in bump short and tank top sat beside a burly old man smoking cigarette. The man ‘ s smile died on his lips when his eyes met mine. I saw recognition in his eyes, a knowing smile registered on his lips as he saw it in my own eyes too. Was he Warri runz or Benin Runz? i wondered.
” Ayo who is she ?” The woman asked with an American accent. 
” This is Constance’ s nanny. Ebere meet my wife Mildred and my father, senator Williams”
The one that can’t find physical release through sex! surely he wouldn’t recognize me after all these years. what of Lola? why is Lola’ s husband introducing another woman as his wife?
” Young lady how are you?” He asked with a twinkle in his eyes.
” Am fine sir”
” Ayo i will be frank with you, i don’t like the look of this lady. She’s not what i had in mind”. Mildred said , blowing smoke into the air.

” Mildred please let’s not argue about it, i will go bring Lola downstairs to meet her.”
” Excuse me for a minute Ebere ” he strolled out of the sitting room. The woman gave me a long look and went back to her gist. Lola. Lola would identify me, she will let me stay on as my daughter’ s nanny.
Ayo walked into the room with Lola on his arm, she wasn’t the Lola that i knew. She was so thin i could see her rib bones through her white flowery gown. She reminded me of Rachael from the AIDS Survivor Support Group. Ayo lifted her on to the settee gently. She looked up smiling and her smile froze on her face.
” Who is She?” she asked in a calm nervous voice. I could hear the slight tremor in it.
” She is the nanny i hired last week. We are yet to discuss the terms of her employment because of an urgent meeting i had on that day.”
Laughter twittered into the sitting room before three chubby little girls ran into the room. The third girl was sporting a pink hair. Ayo placed his arm on her shoulder and pushed her forward. 
” This is Tess, She came in yesterday which makes your charge two kids now.”

” Hi Miss ” red haired called out cheerfully before chasing Constance out of the living room. The pink haired girl squirmed out of his grasp and ran out.
Could this one be mine? She wasn’t here when i came and Lola wasn’t too. Why was Lola so silent, she could at least have said i was an old acquittance.
” She’s not fit for the job, she’s too young” Lola said meeting my eyes. She was sending a message across to me.
” I might look young but i have the experience and am not really as young as I look. I will take good care of your children”.
” Thank you Lola! i said the same thing too but Ayo is just too headstrong! i don’t want her anywhere near my kid!” Mildred spat out.
” Ladies why don’t you give the young lady a chance” the senator said licking his lips.
” Ebere please excuse us for a moment ” Ayo said.
I walked out of the living room, removed my shoes and tiptoed back the stairs.
” I know her type! She looks like a thief! what do we even know about her? who are her references? Please let her go” Lola said.
” How does a thief look Lola? please be reasonable! ” Ayo said.
” Exactly like her! didn’t you see how her eyes were roving all over the place?! ”
” I certainly noticed it too!” Mildred chimed in.
I had heard enough, is this how Lola had chosen to pay me back? tears drifted down my cheeks as i drove home. One question nagged annoyingly at the back of my mind. Which of the little girls was mine? i was so sure it was Constance but i wasn’t so sure anymore after seeing the pink haired girl.



To be continued



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