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Allen Avenue “Story Of A Call Worker”- Episode 27

Posted by on September 14, 2016.

The supposed ‘ cure’ was working. Within two days my energy level and appetite were back to normal and i had started to put on some weight. My T_ cells also increased and Emeka gave me some calories boasting drugs. It seems everyone was struggling to give me my life back, maybe it was time i start fighting for it too. My dad found a way to smuggle more of the’ cure’ for me through the help of Kofi’ s daughter, Bella.
We lost some of our dear ones in a little over a month, Racheal had brain seizures, Kofi had CMV of the eye and one day Bella found him cold in bed. Christmas was just weeks away and i was prepared for my wedding.
” A penny for your thought ” Ebere walked into my room. ” Wow you look lovely”
She had caught me wearing the Italian wedding gown Chiboy had bought for me. 
” You could have knocked!” I said, embarrassed to the side.
She laughed. ” Really you look great!”
” I would like to wear this gown for my wedding ”
” That would be fabulous! ”
I scrunched my face. ” But it was Chiboy that bought it!”
” All the more reason you should wear it!” Ebere said with a wicked laughter. ” Imagine wearing the gown bought by another man on your wedding day! it would serve him right!” She gave me a high five.
” How’s Liz”
She groaned. ” The girl is something else! Lola is still not speaking to me. She doesn’t even want me near her ‘ child’ ”
” How about Ayo? What’ s brewing there?”
She fluttered her lashes. ” Nothing. And i wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him anyway?”
” Why Ebere? . What are you hiding from me?” 
” His father is Senator Williams”
” What has that got to do with anything? ”
She looked away.
” My God! You…….you…..”
” Yea. He recognized me too and he throws subtle innuendos whenever I’ m in the same place with him.”
” Oh no! does he also live there? ”
” No but he finds an excuse to come visit every day!” 
” I think you should tell Ayo”
” Tell him what? that i f*ucked his dad? and his niece is actually my daughter?”
” Ebere i’ m sorry…..but there has to be a way out!”
” The only way out is for me to scram out of there before they discover that i am a fraud”.

After Ebere left for the restaurant because it was her off day at the Williams’ s residence i drove down to Ikoyi. I could do some of the things i used to do before since i started using the miraculous ‘ cure’. I had wheedled the address from Ebere without giving myself away. 
” Your madam is expecting me” i lied through clenched teeth. 
” Madam no tell me anything o, Abeg wait make i go confirm from her”
” My friend do you want to lose your job? do you know who i am?” 
” Sorry ma, na protocol ”
” Protocol my foot! Open the damn gate!”
” Yes ma, sorry ma” the security was already sweating.
He pushed the gate open and i drove in. I marched down from my car like i had been to the house on several occasions, i slide open the glass door and entered the cool air conditioned living room. An ebony woman sat on the couch flipping through a fashion magazine, she was so skinny i could wrap her around my little finger. She looked up in apprehension.
” Who are you?” She demanded.
” Lola, my name is Ify and I’ m here to see you” i could see recognition register on her face briefly before she gave me a blank hostile stare.
” Leave at once! i don’t know who you are and I’ m not interested in whatever you have to say to me.”
” Why? What are you afraid of?” 
” I will call the securities if you don’t leave right away”
” Why are you acting so hostile? is it because you know who i am and why I’ m here?” I sat down at this point. ” She did you a favor Lola”
” Please leave” she pleaded.
” You would have lost your husband and probably your home too if Ebere hadn’t helped you…… your husband would have married another woman if you had failed to give him a child if Ebere hadn’t helped you “.
She covered her face with her palms in despair. ” I offered to pay her!”
” It wasn’t and isn’t about the money Lola, Ebere was born to love others and give her all without expecting anything in return, don’t you think the least you could do is give her a chance to get to know her child?”
” She’s trying to steal Liz away from me! I can’t lose her now!”
” Nobody is trying to take Liz away from you and if you think so it means you don’t know Ebere at all!” 
” She’s not trying to steal Liz? then what is she doing here pretending to be a nanny?”
” She only want to know her”
” I don’t want to lose my child! I have lost my husband and she’s all i have left”
” Give her a chance, try to know her”
She managed a half hearted smile. ” I see why Ebere loves you, because you have her back. I wish i have someone one to stand up for me too.”
” Ebere would be there for you if only you can stop seeing her as the enemy. ”
” Am dying, Liz is the only bright spot in my life now.”
” You are giving up easily, fight, Lola fight it back” 
” Am only being realistic ”
” True. But you have already stopped living, start living once again, not just for your daughter but also for yourself.” I said, standing up.
” I wish i have your courage and your strength. Thank you” 
If only she knew how i was furiously paddling underneath the water to stay afloat. I let myself out while she sat immobile, deep in thought.

Doctor’ s living room was packed with people, nurses from the hospital, my specialist, Members of the Support Group and some friends of friends. The compound was beautifully and artistically decorated by professionals, the living room had been decorated like a church and seats arranged like pews. Some women were sunny brides, some were rainy brides but i was a sun set bride. Maybe the first in the history of brides, who knows? 
I could have had my wedding in the morning but my friends from the support group won’t feel comfortable in the full glare of day light and accusing eyes of the public. Racheal’ s little girls who were now Doctor’ s wards were my flower girls, Ebere was my chief bridesmaid. It was a cool evening, my dad kissed my cheeks and we alighted from the car, my friends were clapping and cheering me happily as the ” here comes the bride ” song filled the atmosphere with it’s sweet sound. I felt my eyes mist with emotions.
I gave my dad my arm as he led me into the living room, my flower girls were throwing little ribbons in the air while Ebere held my gown. My breath caught in my throat, my groom was so handsome in his black tux, he flashed me a grin and my heart swelled with happiness. He pulled me closer and gave me a long wet kiss.
” It’s not time yet!” Doctor cum pastor groaned. 
” The wedding was long since done in heaven” Emeka said and everyone laughed.
Doctor cleared his throat and read a sermon about love, life and marriage. 
” You may now read your vows”
Emeka beamed at me. ” Before i met you i was just this lonely guy who was doomed to a life of loneliness…..although you are not entirely an angel…..” 
The crowd roared with laughter.
” You have given me a reason to look forward to each day, you have showed me a whole new world and you have lightened up my life with your laughter…… thank you for giving me the gift of a new life and thank you for loving me.”
I had tears in my eyes, i saw my mother walk in and our eyes met. She smiled at me and i flashed her a smile. Nothing could spoil my happiness.
” Your turn Ify” doctor said.

” You have been my shield and my warmth when my arms feels cold. You are the reason for my smile, the air i breathe and i promise to love you always and forever.” 
” That’s some vows! Kiss the bride already” 
Emeka lowered his head and claimed my lips in a soft sensual kiss, we were one, he was my always and i would be his forever. The fireworks went up outside, he held my hand and we raced outside. In the sky it was written ” Ify you are mine forever” i pulled him closer and kissed him. I could hear loud applause, cheers, champagne bottles being popped but we were alone in our own cosy world, shielded by our love. Life was perfect.


To be continued



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