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Allen Avenue “Story Of A Call Worker”- Episode 29 – Final Episode

Posted by on September 17, 2016.

I was about to reach for the door knob when it clicked open. He pulled me into his arms, giving me a mind blowing kiss. What was going on? i pressed closer to him deepening the kiss. I pulled back still stunned, it must definitely be my mind at work. I blinked furiously but the illusion refused to go. He came into my living room, i touched his hairy arm gently. He was real.
” Lord knows i tried to get you out of my mind and my dreams but i couldn’t. I have missed you.”
” Why are you here?” 
” I want to hear your own part of the story”
” What did Lola tell you?”
” She said you gave Liz to her when she was a baby and she wants to repay your kindness. Lola was such a kind soul and she was so vulnerable that i felt you had taken advantage of her and you were trying to steal Liz. I apologize Ebere”
” Why the change of heart now?”
He sighed. ” That wasn’t the only reason i was pissed. Mildred told me you slept with my step father.”
” I never had sex with him, yea we did stuffs but no intercourse and that was a long time ago. Look, i won’t apologize for my past, it was the life i found myself in and i was only trying to survive.”
” I’ m not here to seek for apologies. I just want to hear your own part of the story.” 
” It’s a long story”
” Ebere i have the time”
I remembered the days of hunger and starvation, how my parents were forcing me to marry Mazi okoro who already had two wives. Mother had a baby every year, it was like sex was the only fun my parents had and they were always at it. Three of my siblings were already living with relatives in God knows where. The rest of us were either forced to work on the farm or marry men as old as the village tortoise.
One day Madam B came back from Lagos, she promised us better lives and future. My mother sold off her pregnant goat to afford the three thousand naira needed for our transportation. We were forced into prostitution on getting to Lagos, i told him about the perils that came with the job and how i had foolishly given my heart to Dayo. When i paused for breath, Ayo’ s eyes were blood shot. He was seething with anger.
” She must be brought to book! do you still remember where she lives?” 
” Yes”
” Good. I am so sorry Ebere. Come here”
He pulled me into his arms and we stayed like that for so long.
Madam B was arrested the next day just like Ayo promised. She was also on the wanted list of the police. Ayo drove me to the police station where she was detained. She denied not knowning who i was but after some hot slaps from our ever so zealous police women she opened up but she said it was her first time. Isn’t that what they all say?

Ayo and I went to pick up the girls from school, the family was planning Lola’ s funeral, after the family meeting Ayo called the Senator into his private study and confronted him. He promised not to throw anymore subtle innuendos my way or harrass me. Ayo also threatened to expose him, his political friends and their dirty fetish. The Senator couldn’t wait to leave his step son’ s study, he stammered out apologies saying he was only being friendly. He left the study with his tails between his legs. My tall, dark and handsome pulled me into his arms as i sobbed my heart out.





The ending of a matter is better than the beginning of it.

Ifeoma & Ebere 
The past few months were trying for us, Ify was put on bed rest. She became totally dependent , she had a house nurse caring for her, her dad was there for her, she also had my support and ofcourse her husband’ s love. Liz and Ify hit it off immediately, she was all my daughter talked about. She was her heroin. She wanted to be as brave as she was, why? Ify doesn’t moan about the thousands of drugs she had to take and Ify was so beautiful and she was smart too. No wonder she was Liz’ s heroine.
Our only fear was she shouldn’t have eclampsia (seizures) which was common in the case of preeclampsia. She was confined to bed, she had to be carried to the bathroom, she and her husband had to move into their guest room downstairs because it wasn’t easy carrying her up and down the stairs. Ayo introduced us to an Indian AIDS specialist, although his fees were high it was worth it. 
Ify’ s mother dropped by occasionally but she wasn’t exactly too warm but who cares anyway? Its her loss. She had given us the news of Jeff’ s death, he didn’t make it back home from the hospital. Some days we were so frightened something would go wrong but Ify pulled through till the seventh month, since preeclampsia (hypertension before or during pregnancy) has no proven cure, the baby was delivered on the seventh month through a C_section and he was put in an incubator.

Ayo and i were officially engaged when the baby was born. We had both decided not to tell Liz i was her mother until she was old enough to understand why i had given her away in the first place. Since Mildred wasn’t around to influence both Constance and Liz negatively they were both easy to manage and ofcourse no child of mine would be sporting a red or blue hair.
Ify ‘ s house was lit up, our loved ones and friends were in attendance. Jamie was coming home today. He was such a beautiful boy and he was healthy, he was crying for his bottle every now and then. Doctor Debola and i were his legal guardian and god parents. He was named James after his paternal grandfather and his middle name was Osinachi for his maternal grandfather. What a lucky boy!
Constance and Liz were running about chasing one of the balloons that had loosened from the bunch used in decorating the living room. Those two are so full of energy. Ify’ s mom had done a good job of decorating the living room. My eyes dropped to the diamond stone on my left finger. My tall, dark and handsome had dropped us off earlier that morning at Ify’ s house before heading to his office. The door opened and in came our much awaited prince. A round of applause resounded in the room as the doting parents, godfather and grandfather came in. Ify was all smiles. She caught my eyes and mouthed.” We shamed the devil”.
I couldn’t help laughing. I gently collected Jamie from her, my God, you won’t believe he was a premie ( premature baby).
” Wow he’s so cute “. I always thought he was whenever i saw him.
Emeka grinned at me.” He should be, his dad is cute”
” And his mom too” Ify quipped which drew laughter from those in attendance. 
The pastor which doctor invited took Jamie from me. Ify drew me aside.

” Ebere i want to thank you for being my friend and never giving up on me.”
I drew her into my arms.” You know mama loves you, what are we sisters for?”
” Thank you Mama. Emeka and i want you to have this.” She pulled out an envelope from her purse.
I eyed the envelope suspiciously. ” What’s this for?”
” Open it first nau”
I opened it and gasped. A to and fro ticket to Bahamas for two. 
” Your wedding gift. We will gladly look after the girls until you get back from your honey moon”
” Oh Ify! you shouldn’t have!”
” It’s the least we could do to appreciate you.”
The pastor asked for the baby’ s mother to come and we went back into the living room. My eyes caught the photo of a woman on the front page of Vangauard newspaper which was placed on the sofa. I picked it up, my heart jumping with joy. I still couldn’t believe it even though i was in the court room when she was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labour for human trafficking and other crimes she had perpetrated. It wasn’t an easy time for me, i was put on the stand to recount my horrible ordeals and some of the young girls she had tried smuggling out of the country were also called to the witness box. 
The door opened and my sunshine came in. His eyes glowed when it settled on mine, he flashed me a smile and i found myself enveloped into his arms.
” Am i too late love?” 
” No baby.You are just in time.”
The pastor was praying for little Jamie. We all bowed our heads. Ayo ‘ s fingers slowly seeked mine. I could see the love and happiness on Ify and Emeka’ s face. Whenever i drive through Allen Avenue i will always remember the lonely and cold nights. A smile sometimes could brighten a person’ s day and a kind word now and then would mean a lot. If you ever find yourself at Allen Avenue at night please don’t judge the girls in your heart or accuse them with your eyes.They all have a story to tell.

The END…..

Thanks For Reading, Please Kindly Drop Your Comments If This Story Touches Your Heart.

This Story Was Written By Gaglo Blessing Alias bibijay.

Email : blessinggaglo@yahoo.com

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