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Be Sincere! Would You Buy This Rat Killer Poison?

Boko haram rat killer indeed😁😁😁😁


  1. My dear i rather stay oh…..bcoz no body can tell what will happen next

  2. nope

  3. as long as it works…..but the manufacturer has problem

  4. boko? Abeg just passing

  5. ask google admin to fough more

  6. for me i wil buy it oo as far its a Rat killer

  7. As Long As Its Just Rat It Kills Den Y Nt? If Nt Wetin Go Carry Me Go Buy Am Normal Rat Poison Dy Cheap Nw

  8. As for me rats don’t disturb me in my house.
    But i won’t buy it, cos it seems complicated in the sense that it can kill someone if care is not taking or if not properly used.


  10. Lol! Nigerians and aggressive marketing!
    I won’t buy it cos it’s expired!

  11. Boko haram???..the medicine go just dry you wey be d buyer b4 e go go look for d yeye rat wey dey inside ur room

  12. I No Fit Buy Am O,no Rat In Our House

  13. laffs, yah. if at all it won’t kill others and i…

  14. kill by odor
    I can’t ft

  15. Boko WHAT? God forbid

  16. Thank you sir i will not buy not because of d name it is just too expensive

  17. i didnt need rat killer cos i didnt have rat in my house

  18. For this recession!?! Noooooo hooo

    @Nikky and who told you so. It’s a lieeeeeee

  19. But ehhhhnn, I hope it doesn’t damage the lungs of human. As it even been recommended by N.A.F.D.A.C because it can’t be recommend with such Name(Bokoharam)

  20. But ehhhhnn, I hope it doesn’t damage the lungs of Humans. As it even been recommended by N.A.F.D.A.C? Because it can’t be recommended with such Name(Bokoharam)

  21. as lobg as it ave a nafdac number

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