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Brain Teaser! How Would You Arrange This Words To Make One Word?

Let’s see smart readers we have on this blog.

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  2. Exactly it’s WOODEN

  3. Where is letter “R”

  4. the answer is one word

  5. u are right @ justice

  6. wow @ justice

  7. The answer is still ONE WORD

  8. Long time no see.@favy

  9. One word is the answer

  10. word is d answer

    Correct one word is the answer

  11. one word.

  12. very sharp I wish should b like u

  13. Macdonald Ohanyerem

    NEW DOOR=ONE WORD(anagram)

  14. One word dre z knw how u can change it

  15. copi copi

  16. doeworn-derwoon

  17. i go with the answer one word

  18. One word

  19. datz ut one word

  20. May God give u more knowledge.(JUSTICE).tank bcoz d tin wan sprakle my brain

  21. One Word Is D Answer,so Simple

  22. lol…one word

  23. Ah omo una bad oo una wan burst pesin brain because of “ONE WORD” but God go bless u @ Justice

  24. ONE WORD

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