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Bukky Alakara – Episode 40

Posted by on July 17, 2017.

Written By “Shewrites”


Bukky sat on her neighbour’s car, outside the gate and watched a bunch of kids running around in circles, screaming and hitting one another on the head. It seemed they were playing a sort of game, but, a few of them were already getting irritable. She sensed a fight coming up.
She turned her head and saw her ex-boyfriend standing by the car in a long sleeve tee-shirt and a pair of shorts. She groaned inwardly. What does he want now?
“Hi…” she turned her attention back to the kids. They were screaming insults at one another and a minor brawl had ensued.
“I got my call up letter a few days ago.”
She sighed heavily. She wasn’t interested in knowing anything about him.
“I was posted to Abuja,” he grinned with pride.
Bukky rolled her eyes. She was sure that his aunt worked the posting for him. She would definitely make sure that he served either in a Federal Government parastatal, or in a reputable firm. Good luck to him, she scoffed.
“I will be traveling next week, my aunt paid for a plane ticket for me, I will be…”
“Gbemiga please!”
His smile faded. Her countenance saddened him.
“For the love of God, leave me alone.”
He blinked, “I…I just wanted you to know.”
She shook her head, “I don’t want to know. We are not together anymore. Live your life and I will live mine.”
“But… but, we are friends.”
“No!” she jumped down from the car. She adjusted her pink sleeveless blouse.
His sad gaze ran over her. He liked the way the blue knee-length short outlined her hips and her backside was bigger than he remembered. The thought of grabbing and squeezing it consumed his mind.
“Look, I told you once before. I don’t want to be your friend.”
“Stay away from me, I have warned you,” she walked back into the house. When she got to her door, she noticed that he was following her.
“Was wrong with you?” she stood akimbo.
“I miss you.”
She started to laugh.
“I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I now realize that I should have stood my ground when my family was pressuring me to 

break up with you.”
She clapped her hands together, “It is too late now. I will be getting married before this year runs out. I love Chike, I have completely gotten over you.”
“Bukky please,” he went on his knees. The thought of losing her suffocated him.
“Even if I wasn’t dating Chike, I will never, ever go back to you. You are like a pendulum bob, unstable, indecisive and easily manipulated. There 

is no future with you.”
He shook his head vigorously and got up, “No, that’s not true.”
“Yes, it is. Gbemiga, it is over.”
“It doesn’t have to be. Give me another chance, let me prove to you…”
“There is nothing to prove!” she snapped.
He closed the gap between them, “Do you honestly want me to believe that you have indeed gotten over me?”
“I was your first love; I was the man that deflowered you.”
She eyed him, “So?”
“Who gets over that?”
“I did. Deal with it,” she opened her door and walked in.
“Wait…” he stepped into her apartment before she could close the door.
“What is the meaning of this?” she glared at him, “Out!”
“Hear me out,” he pleaded.
“No! I am done talking to you.”
“Bukky… please…”
“If you don’t go, I will scream. Most of my neighbours are men, bachelors, they live in twos and threes. When they come out, they will beat you into a pulp and your family will find it hard to recognize you.”
“You won’t.”
“Dare me.”
Their gazes locked.
“E gba mi oooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!”
Fear gripped him. He had seen how people in the area deal with thieves, rapists and the likes. No one bothered to confirm if what you were being accused of was true or false. The thought of been mobbed clouded his mind and he fled.
Bukky slammed her door and locked it. She heard her phone ringing. She hurried to the bed and picked it up.
“Baby, where have you been? I have called thrice?”
The sound of his voice felt like a soothing balm to her fried nerves. “My love,” she sat on the bed.
“Why did you abandon your phone?”
“I was outside.”
“You should have taken your phone with you.”
“I miss you,” she lay back on the bed and propped her head with a pillow.
“I miss you more.”
“I miss you, miss you, miss you.”
He laughed, “You won’t have to anymore, I am almost home.”
She sat up quickly, “What?!”
“I am in a taxi conveying my bags and baggage.”
Her heart thudded loudly against her chest.
“Service year over baby.”
“Halleluyah!” she jumped to her feet. The thought of seeing him again flooded her mind.
“I can’t wait to see you girl. I need your sweet kisses like… like a drug.”
She bubbled with laughter and sat back on the bed.
“Girls over here tortured me ehn…”
“It was so bad that many of them sent me their nude pictures.”
“Enemies of progress!”
The sound of his laughter echoed in her ears.
“Serious temptation.”
“I can imagine.”
“If not for God ehn…if not for the love I have for you, babe, it is not easy.”
“I am glad that you were able to stand your ground,” she lay back on the bed.
“Now, we can finally get married.”
“I can’t wait,” she began to imagine how her wedding day would be.
“I don’t know if I will be retained in this company, but, anyhow, I have other offers from two oil companies. One here in Jos and another in Port 

“I am almost a married man. I need to prepare to take care of my brand new family.”
She sighed in relief, “Wherever you are employed, I will re-start my bean cake business.”
“I will invest in your business. I have plans. We will design your shop and make it look like an eatery.”
“An eatery?”
“Yes, an eatery serving akara and bread, puff-puff, buns, corn pap, and whatever you can come up with.”
She smiled in excitement, “I like your plans.”
“I am home.”
“Where are you?” she sat up.
“I am outside my house. The taxi driver is helping me to move my bags into the apartment.”
Bukky hung up and ran out. She locked the door, and ran all the way to her fiance’s place. She found him waiting for her at the door.
“Chike! Chike!”
“My baby…” he stretched out his hands.
She flew into his arms.
“My love,” he held her tightly and closed his eyes.
“Please don’t ever me again.”
“Baby, I am not going anywhere.”
She raised her head and looked into his warm eyes.
“Where is my sweet kiss?”
She giggled and leaned forward. She tip-toed and planted a kiss on his lips.


To be continued


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