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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 11)

Posted by on September 9, 2016.


Two days later, Helen somehow roped herself into following Lionel to his office. As the black jeep they were in bumped its way through the busy streets of Lagos, she wondered what she was doing there.

It hadn’t been a deliberate decision. That morning, she had known Lionel was going to check on the affairs of his consultation firm, but she had been startled when she looked out of her office window and saw Bernard walking toward the car with her boss, looking fully dressed. She picked up her purse and ran out after them.

“Mr Bernard, good morning. I didn’t know you were going out this early.” Helen called out, hurrying towards them as they walked down the driveway, her sandals crunching on the gravelly ground.

The two men paused and turned towards her. “Is something wrong?” Bernard asked.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong.” Helen replied hastily. “I had already told the staff to prepare breakfast for you, so I was just surprised.”

Bernard grunted, but Lionel smiled. “This young man here was showing some curiousity about the business, so I figured it would be a good idea to take him to the office with me.” he said, thumping Bernard on the back. “Show him the ropes, you know. I may even be giving him greater responsibilities in helping to run the firm soon.”

Helen groaned inwardly, feeling a bit guilty. During her last conversation with Lionel, she had refused to tell him of her suspicions and assured him he could put a little more trust in Bernard; so indirectly, this was her fault. Now he was going to be riding around with someone who wanted him kidnapped. What if Bernard chose to put his plan in motion that day?

Panicked, she blurted, “Can I come along?”

Both men looked surprised. The moment the words left Helen’s mouth, she wondered what she was thinking. Did she think she could protect Lionel if kidnappers descended on them en-route to the office? What would she do? Hit them with her purse?

Bernard scowled, but Lionel gave a little surprised laugh. “Well, this is a surprise, Miss Bassey. I wouldn’t mind the pleasure of your company, but… isn’t this your day off? You’re certainly dressed too prettily for your usual duties.”

Helen’s face grew hot at the compliment. Lionel was right; it was indeed her off day and she had planned on going to her house, then visiting few friends. She looked down at her tucked-in blue blouse, lighter blue knee-length skirt, and simple brown sandals. “You’re right, Mr Thomas. Am I dressed too simply to follow you…?”

“Not at all, Miss Bassey.” Lionel assured her. “It’s an informal visit anyway. It’s not like we’re dressed formally ourselves. I just thought you would prefer to spend your free day doing something else. Aren’t you tired of seeing my face?”

Am I mad? I could never be tired of seeing that face, Helen thought to herself.

“I’m just a bit surprised here.” Bernard cut in before Helen could respond, crossing his arms. “Why the sudden interest in the consulting firm, Miss Bassey? Thinking of a career change?”

Helen kept her expression blank, but her mind seethed with questions. Shouldn’t she be asking Bernard about his own sudden interest? Was he trying to get close to the other partners at the firm, so he could convince them to pay the ransom when Lionel was kidnapped? Or was he planning a much more permanent takeover? Was the plan to ultimately take Lionel out of the picture?

She noticed Lionel was watching them closely, and thought he looked amused at the situation. If only he knew how serious this could get, and how much danger he was in…

“One can never learn enough, don’t you think Mr Bernard?” Helen said to Bernard. “I’m always open to new experiences.”

“Alright then.” Lionel declared, and opened the rear passenger door of the jeep. “Miss Bassey comes along and rides with me in the backseat. Let’s hope we don’t bore her today.”

He ushered her in with a flourish, and she quickly climbed into the vehicle. As she passed by him, he cupped her elbow to help her up and she felt a jolt run through her at the physical contact. Was this how she was going to survive the day with Lionel? Shuddering with pleasure every time he touched her or brushed her accidentally? The day was certainly going to be an interesting one.

She scrambled into her corner of the backseat, careful to leave a lot of space between them, as Lionel climbed in after her and shut the door.

The front doors opened, and Bernard settled into the front passenger seat. Helen looked up from securing her seat belt and saw another man settling into the driver’s seat. She couldn’t hold back a gasp.

He definitely was not Lionel’s usual driver. This man was huge, the dark suit he was wearing looked like it was about to burst around the seams. His muscled shoulders extended beyond the seat and she could see veins running down the arms that gripped the steering wheel. When she looked into the rear-view mirror, she saw a long scar running down the side of his face. Slowly, he turned his eyes to meet her gaze.

Helen shuddered at the menace in the glare. Was Lionel already in danger?!

To Be Continue

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