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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 12)

Posted by on September 9, 2016.



Helen felt sheepish all the way to Lionel’s’ office. He had noticed her reaction when the huge man entered the jeep and the men had all had a good laugh about it.

The man had introduced himself as Joe B, and he was a bodyguard from the security agency that belonged to Lionel’s friend. Helen felt mixed reactions of relief and embarrassment. She had really thought the man had come to hurt Lionel.

Instead Joe B turned out to be a very sweet and kind man. By the time they got to Lionel’s office, Helen already liked him a lot. She felt a lot more secure and happy he was the one who had been assigned to protect Lionel.

The day went by in a blur and Helen was surprised to find out she actually enjoyed herself. The consulting business wasn’t as boring as she thought it was and she asked Lionel a lot of questions that he seemed to enjoy answering. On the other hand, Bernard seemed bored to the point of distraction. He kept on excusing himself to make and receive numerous phone calls.

When they got back to the house later in the evening, Lionel helped Helen out of the car and then held onto her hand a bit longer.

“You’re a brilliant woman, Miss Bassey. I certainly enjoyed engaging with your inquisitive mind today. If you have any more questions regarding my work, please, feel free to ask.” he offered, smiling down at her.

Helen shivered, unsure if it was a result of the cool evening breeze that was affecting her, of if it was Lionel’s touch. She looked up at his handsome face, chiselled in the evening light, and felt like a teenager being dropped off at home after a date, butterflies in her stomach, waiting for a first kiss.

But she was no teenager. She was a full-grown woman who should be able to control her desire and he was her employer, who was engaged to be married very soon.

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She smiled and gently pulled her hand away from his. “Thank you for the compliment, Mr Thomas. I may definitely be taking you up on that offer.”

Someone gave a small cough and Helen stepped away from Lionel. It was Bernard, alighting from the front passenger seat.

“Got what you wanted, Miss Bassey?” he asked. Helen could hear a sneering tone in his voice. “I mean, did you enjoy today and learn anything new about the business of consulting?”

Helen pursed her lips. She knew he had been inferring something else entirely; perhaps a suspicion that she was trying to get involved with Lionel. She decided to act like she didn’t know what he was inferring.

“Yes, Mr Bernard.” She said cheerfully. “I did learn a lot about the business. I also learned you take a lot of phone calls. Wow. You’re a really busy man. Your phone was almost always ringing throughout today.”

Bernard frowned and her, but said nothing.

1-0, Helen thought, grinning, until she turned to see Bukola walking towards them. A feeling of guilt instantly gripped her. She hoped Bukola hadn’t seen Lionel holding her hand earlier.

“Good night, Mr Thomas.” Helen said hastily, throwing a small wave at Joe B where he was standing beside the car before she began to walk away.

As she drew abreast with Bukola, she murmured a greeting, “Good evening, Miss Deinde.”

“Whatever. Just stay away from him or watch your back.” Bukola hissed in a low tone, throwing her a venomous glare. Helen stopped and turned, shocked at the response.

Bukola had reached Lionel and was hugging him and chatting with Bernard and Joe B. The woman looked like a harsh word could never issue from between her luscious lips. Helen was amazed; if she hadn’t seen the words come out of Bukola’s mouth, she wouldn’t have believed her own ears.

She turned away and slowly walked to the house, her thoughts whirling in her head. It had certainly been an interesting day. From the unplanned trip, to the fun outing, to being that close to Lionel and getting a chance to impress him, and finally, to Bukola’s threat… the day had been full of so many highs and lows.

After a quick check of the house staff, she made her way to her office and adjoining room, then sank onto her bed, thoughtful. She knew Bukola was jealous because she had probably seen her holding hands with her fiancée, so she had threatened her out of spite, but the similarity to the text she had received a few days ago was unsettling.

Could the threatening text message have been from Bukola rather than Bernard? Was the woman trying to scare her away from Lionel out of jealousy? Or was the message really from Bernard?

Helen was confused. Whoever it was and whatever their reason, one thing was sure. It wasn’t just Lionel in danger. It was time to think of protecting herself as well.

To Be Continue

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