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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 19)

Posted by on September 15, 2016.


Helen eyes widened in shock at Bukola’s words. The thick curtains seemed to swallow Bukola’s words, but they kept echoing in Helen’s head.

She looked around furtively like the other woman had been doing, and lowered her voice further.

“What?!” she hissed. “What the heck is going on here? How do we handle this?!”

Bukola shrugged in reply, and then motioned her to be silent. She walked to the centre table and picked up a remote control on it, flicking on the television and tuning it to a loud music channel.

Helen pulled at her shirt, loosening the top buttons, as Bukola walked back to her. She felt like she was suffocating. The air-conditioned room seemed to be closing in on the corner where they stood and the brightly lit chandelier suddenly seemed like a spotlight on them. Helen shuddered. The whole kidnap plot was a monster that had suddenly grown horns.

“Kelechi is a dangerous man.” Bukola said, leaning closer to Helen. “Trust me, we don’t want to get on his bad side. And we definitely don’t want him to know we know about the planned kidnap. Or something bad will happen to both of us.”

Helen swallowed the lump of fear in her throat. She had thought she had only Bernard to deal with, but if Kelechi was the mastermind of the plan……

“But why is he doing this?” Helen asked. “He is Lionel’s partner, so he is wealthy, right?”

Bukola started to reply, then paused and raised an eyebrow, a familiar spark appearing in her eyes. “Since when did you reach first name status with my fiancé?”

Helen kicked herself for slipping up. No matter what, Lionel was her boss and this was his fiancée. She would have to be careful not to let her feelings about him show.

“We are definitely not on first name basis, Miss Bukola.” She assured the woman quickly. “I apologise for the error; it was just the shock of finding out about Mr Kelechi that loosened my tongue. My interaction with Mr Thomas has always been strictly professional.”

Bukola stared at her for a long moment, and Helen kept a straight face, hoping the woman wouldn’t push the matter further. “ Good.” Bukola said curtly, her brightly-painted lips tight. “See that it remains so.”

Helen clenched her jaw and took a deep breath for control. Why were they even talking about that?! “Not to sound rude, Miss Bukola, but I don’t think such issues should be your priority right now. What are we going to do about the fact that Mr Kelechi is involved in the plot to kidnap your fiancé? And how did you know about it?”

“What do you think I was doing in the upstairs living room yesterday? Licking his face for fun?” Yes, actually I do think so, Helen thought, but she kept her opinion to herself as Bukola continued. “I was using my ‘womanly wiles’ to find out information and to get to his phone. I had my suspicions about Bernard, but he’s not smart enough to think up something like that. So I knew there was an intelligent person behind the plan…..”

Bukola paused and looked at Helen. “I took a risk telling you this because I have seen how you behave around Bernard. There is obviously no love lost between you both, so it seemed unlikely that he would ask you to help him out with the kidnap plot. But how did you know about it?”

Helen debated quickly within herself. Was there any point keeping the secret any longer? Bukola had revealed a few of her own, so why not?

“I overheard him on the phone talking to someone about it. It sounded like he was reassuring the person at the other end of the line that Lione….. Mr Thomas’s company would pay any ransom demand.”

Bukola narrowed her eyes and nodded thoughtfully, tapping her long nails on the windowsill beside her. Helen felt that frisson of irritation run through her again. How did the woman function with those artificial nails? Well, with all her money she probably had someone do everything for her. Including, wiping her ass. Who needed hands? Helen thought wryly.

“It’s a good thing you told no one, Miss Bassey.” Bukola said. “Kelechi is a dangerous man. If he caught wind of the fact that you knew… let’s just say, you would be in a lot of trouble.”

Helen felt her mouth go dry with fear. She was even more afraid than when she had received the threatening phone message. “This matter is serious. Shouldn’t we tell Mr Thomas..?”

“No way, no one is saying anything to anyone!” Bukola cut in. “Have you told this matter to any other person?”

Helen thought about Chioma. Her friend knew everything, but there was no way she would put her in danger by revealing that. “No, Miss Bukola, I told no one.” She lied. “But what are we going to do?”

“We? There’s no ‘we’ here. I will handle this. I only told you what I know because you were beginning to act weird. I didn’t want Bernard to suspect anything…”

“Suspect what?” a loud voice suddenly asked, over the loud music filling the living room. The two women jumped and turned. Bernard was standing by the living room door.

He stepped into the living room, walking slowly towards them. “What am I not to suspect?”

To Be Continue

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  1. Holy Jesus!!

    by Kenny on Sep 15, 2016 at 9:05 am

  2. Oh my God… Dy wia nt kful

    by Linda on Feb 13, 2017 at 5:12 pm

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