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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 20)

Posted by on September 15, 2016.


“Well, what’s the big secret?” Bernard asked, “Cat got your tongue, ladies?”

He stopped in the middle of the living room and picked up the television remote control, muting the loud sounds coming from the screen. He pointed the remote at them playfully and drank from the cold glass of wine in his other hand. Helen could see a few drops of wine spill on his cream-colored t-shirt.

“Ahn Ahn! What are you girls hiding?”

Helen couldn’t move a muscle. Her mind raced with frantic thoughts. How long had Bernard being standing there? Had he overheard their entire conversation or just the end of it?

She threw a frantic look at Bukola, who didn’t seem the least bit worried. How was she so calm under the circumstances? Couldn’t she see that they were in deep trouble here? Maybe there was a block of ice where the woman’s heart was supposed to be. Helen’s own heart was like a bird trying to escape the cage that was her ribs.

Bukola threw her a warning look, and then turned to Bernard.

“Bernard darling! You shouldn’t sneak up on women like that!” She said cheerily, walking towards him with her arms spread. “It’s not very gentlemanly, you know.”

“Who gentlemanliness epp?” Bernard quipped, eyes riveted to Bukola’s jiggling bosom. As she reached him, he stopped her with an outstretched arm. “I heard my name. What was that about, Bukola?”

Helen wondered how they would wriggle out of the situation. Bernard’s expression was difficult to read, but she knew he was suspicious. How could they distract him?

“You’ve ruined the surprise, Bernard!” Bukola said, pouting and batting her eyelashes.

Bernard raised a brow. “What surprise?”

“The party, silly! I and Helen were going over plans for the surprise party I was planning for Lionel!”

Helen could see the suspicion begin to lift from Bernard’s eyes, and when he looked over Bukola’s shoulder at her, she plastered a big smile on her face and nodded in agreement with Bukola’s statement. “Um, yes, Mr Bernard. Miss Bukola and I were just discussing plans for a surprise birthday party…”

“Interesting.” Bernard dropped his glass of wine on the glass-topped centre table. “His birthday was over a month ago.”

Helen felt panic rise in her throat as Bernard turned to face her. She could see the suspicion gathering in his eyes again. What had she done?! Bukola threw her an angry look, and she scrambled to repair the damage.

“Oh! My mistake! I meant a homecoming party; to welcome Mr Thomas back home from the United States.”

Bukola pressed her body to Bernard’s, distracting him. “Well, now that you know, you must help me make it a success. Serves you right for eavesdropping!”

Bernard grinned, happy to have a luscious female body pressed against his. “I wasn’t eavesdropping. I just happened to hear my name… but maybe I should eavesdrop on you, dear Bukola, if it will make you hug me like this more often.”

Bukola and Bernard laughed loudly, but Helen couldn’t bring herself to join in the hilarity. She was still shaken from the close shave they had just avoided.

“Let’s go talk about the party.” Bukola said, pulling on Bernard’s arm. “I’m hot, I feel like swimming. Come keep me company.”

Bernard grinned and picked up his wineglass, happily following Bukola. “How can a gentleman say no to that?”

As they reached the door, Bukola turned and threw a warning look at Helen. Don’t do anything stupid, the look seemed to say.

Helen breathed a sigh of relief as Bukola and Bernard’s voices faded down the corridor. Bukola was obviously really good at using her ‘womanly wiles’ on men. Bernard was putty in her hands; he would probably not suspect they had been talking about the kidnap.

Helen sank into a chair and clasped her hands to her chest. That was close. She didn’t know if she could handle all this intrigue and drama. Perhaps it was best that Bukola wanted to deal with the situation herself. At least, eth problem was out of Helen’s hands now. She closed her eyes as she felt the relief snake through her body at that realization; truly, a problem shared was a problem half-solved.

Now all she had to do was avoid Lionel and tell him nothing…

“You have been avoiding me, Helen.”

She gave a small shriek and sprang up from the chair she had been sitting in. Lionel was standing at the door of the living room, leaning on the mantle with his hands in his pockets and a thoughtful look on his face. It was his voice that had scared her.

“Lione…. Mr Thomas, you startled me.” Helen gasped.

“Sorry if I did.” He said, walking into the living room and towards her. “I was walking past and I saw you sitting there. I just had to get something clear.”

Helen gathered her composure as he reached her. This was the closest they had been since the scene in the upstairs corridor. She felt the memories of their embrace trying to crowd into her mind, but she pushed them away. She had to be focused right now.

Lionel ran his gaze over her, his eyes lingering where she had left her top buttons undone.

She swallowed nervously as his scent frilled her nostrils, making her dizzy. Was their last encounter about to repeat itself? This time, she wasn’t sure she would be able to control herself. Heaven help her, if he pulled her to his perfect body right now, she knew what would happen.

She would kiss him.

To Be Continue

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  1. Very interesting. Next episode pls

    by Jane on Sep 15, 2016 at 8:32 am

  2. next episode, pls i would really, really love to read for any mb

    by who on Sep 15, 2016 at 9:13 am

  3. Am Lovin’ dis

    by KENNY on Sep 15, 2016 at 9:16 am

  4. Wao

    by Tolu on Sep 15, 2016 at 10:09 am

  5. Mwaaah

    by Olatunji on Sep 15, 2016 at 10:10 am

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