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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 23)

Posted by on September 17, 2016.


Helen hunched down in her seat and squeezed her eyes shut as their vehicle sped up.

“Oh God please, let this be a nightmare.” She whispered under her breath. “I don’t want to die like this.”

“Neither of us is dying today.” Joe-B gritted out between clenched teeth. He swerved the jeep around a tight bend and threw a look at her. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I have training in evasive driving…”

His words were swallowed by a loud bang and their jeep jolted and shuddered. Helen screamed and sank lower in her seat. She could hear the wind whistling in through the shattered rear windshield. Her thoughts raced wildly. Was that a real gunshot?

Beside her, Joe-B threw a quick look at the rear-view mirror and cursed beneath his breath, confirming her fears. “Better keep your head down, Helen. They’re shooting at us. In broad daylight? These guys are crazy.”

Helen risked peeping around the side of her seat. She could see the two jeeps keeping pace with them and someone leaning out of one of the windows. The man was as big as Joe-B, and the trailing edges of the black bandanna tied around his head fluttered in the breeze. Helen gasped as she noticed the huge weapon in the man’s hand. She had only seen guns like that on television. She felt like she was still stuck in a nightmare.

“Jesus christ! Stay down Helen!” Joe-B warned her. He twisted the steering wheel from side to side and their vehicle swerved in the road. “We need to shake these guys off or get off the road somehow.”

She obeyed him as another fusillade of bullets peppered the road behind them. Outside the car, Helen could see people running and shouting, trying to escape the speeding cars and any flying bullets. Joe swerved around a running young man hawking a variety of sausage rolls, and the frightened boy threw his wares in the air. Joe twisted their car in that direction and the impact pushed the carton into the air.

The carton of sausage rolls rose gracefully, and then tumbled onto the windshield of the first pursuing jeep. The car’s brakes squealed as the driver tried to see around the sudden load of Gala blocking his sight, and then the car swerved into a parked truck with a sickening crunch.

“One down, one to go.” Joe grunted, with a grim smile on his face.

Helen risked another look around her seat. There was now only one jeep driving behind them, but the men leaning out of its windows had even bigger guns. She pulled her head back like a turtle retreating into its shell, just before they began to shoot at them again. Their jeep swerved violently and Helen clamped her hands to her ears, screaming. The gunshots were so loud! Weren’t they worried about hurting other drivers and pedestrians?!

Beside her, Joe-B gasped in pain. Helen looked at him wildly, her eyes running over him till they rested on a spreading patch of blood on the top part of the white t-shirt under his blazer. Joe-B had been shot!

“Joe-B! You’re bleeding…”

“I’ll be fine.” Joe-B hissed, wincing as he turned the steering wheel. “Call Mr Thomas, Helen! We have to warn them at the house! And get them to call the police.”

Helen held down a sob and scrambled for her purse. She rooted around in it, hands shaking. “Oh God! Oh God! Where’s my phone? I can’t find it, Joe-B! Oh God I can’t do this…”

“Easy, Helen.” Joe said, sounding weirdly calm. His eyes darted to the rear-view mirror and then back to her. The vehicle’s purr turned to a roar as he sped up. “You have to calm down and think, or we won’t get out of this situation alive.”

Helen stopped whimpering and tried to swallow her panic. How was he so calm? She could hardly remember to breath, much less think. If only I could find my phone, I can call Lionel, she thought, rummaging through her purse more carefully. Then she remembered.

“I forgot my phone at home!” she said, relieved. “Joe-B, I need yours!”

“In there.” He used his chin to point towards the outer right pocket of his blazer, and then winced as she tugged on his blazer, rooting around for the phone frantically. “Take it easy na. I’ve been shot, remember?”

She winced in sympathy and silently mouthed an apology as she pulled out the phone and dialled Lionel’s private number from memory, trying to ignore the sounds of squealing brakes and screaming people. The car juddered and pinged under the assault of numerous bullets.

The phone rang unanswered and she dialled again as Joe-B watched her in concern.

“We have to warn Mr Thomas.” He said, voice rough with pain and urgency. “If this ambush was aimed at him, they might also be planning to attack the house. They need to be aware…”

His words were cut off by a loud crash. Helen screamed as the jeep shuddered.

“Those bastards are trying to push us off the road! Get your seatbelt on, Helen.” Joe gasped. He pounded on the steering wheel angrily “These guys are beginning to get on my nerves.”

His next words were swallowed up by a louder crash before their jeep began a sickening out-of-control sideways spin.

Helen closed her eyes tight and gripped the armrests, preparing for the worst.

This is it, she thought. We’re going to crash.

To Be Continue

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  1. yeekpa!!!

    by Damyn on Sep 17, 2016 at 1:16 pm

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