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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 29)

Posted by on September 20, 2016.


Lionel drove back to his home faster than he had ever driven in his life. His Mercedes raced through the busy afternoon roads and streets, horn blaring. Pedestrians and slower vehicles ducked out of his path, throwing curses that he didn’t hear.

He reached a red traffic light and stopped, tapping on the steering wheel impatiently as his heart raced. His mind was filled with pictures of Helen as she lay on a hospital bed. She had been immediately admitted after she passed out, but the doctors had sedated her when she showed signs of regaining consciousness, saying she need to rest. It was difficult to leave her alone in the hospital, but his friend’s security firm had sent two bodyguards. One was stationed outside the door of Helen’s room while the other watched over the still unconscious Joe-B. She was well protected. A muted bang beside him interrupted his thoughts. For a moment his heart raced faster. He had forgotten that there was a plan to kidnap him; had they caught up with him?

The bang came again. He felt relief as he realized it was the driver of a yellow commercial bus, which had just pulled up beside him, hitting the side of his own vehicle to catch Lionel’s attention. He wound down his car window. “What are you driving eh?” the bus driver yelled, reddened eyes bulging.

“You feel say because you drive this kain car, you fit dey speed anyhow! Wetin dey worry you? You almost hit me before sef.” Lionel only spared the man a glance and a small apologetic wave, and then wound his windows back up. It had not even occurred to him that it was risky to be driving alone now that he knew there was a plot to kidnap him; earlier on, he had rushed out of his home without a driver the moment he heard Helen had been in an accident. He would just have to be watchful as he drove back home. He had a little bastard named Bernard to beat up within an inch of his life if he was guilty of Helen’s accusations.


When Lionel’s car roared through his gates and dashed into his house, the first person he ran into was his fiancée. She sprang up from the couch where she was sitting with a sweating glass of orange juice in her fist, eyes blazing with anger. “Lionel, where did you run off to like that? I didn’t appreciate you just leaving the house without informing me why. I’ve just been here by myself, not knowing what to think. Is that fair?”

As Bukola spoke, she threw her arms up angrily and the tight, green t-shirt she had paired with a pair of tiny white shorts strained against her large bosom. The sight did not distract Lionel as it usually would, and he paused, surprised at that fact. Why was his gorgeous fiancée losing her physical appeal in his eyes?. “Are you even listening to me, Lionel?” Bukola asked, voice rising. “Has everyone gone mad in this place? Helen, your oh-so-perfect house manager cum glorified housemaid hung up on me earlier, you weren’t picking my calls to your other line and your office staff won’t tell me why my parents are lodged in a hotel somewhere instead of being here right now. What the heck is going on?”

“I told my office to send a driver for your parents and lodge them into a good hotel with my apologies.” Lionel replied, controlling his rising temper at her tone. He couldn’t blame her; he had left her in the dark and she deserved an explanation. “They are both fine and are safer there, trust me.” Bukola dropped her glass of orange juice on the centre table and crossed her arms. “I spoke to them, so I know they’re fine. Unlike some other people, they were picking up their calls.” She said sarcastically “But… safer? What do you mean ‘safer’?”. Lionel shook his head impatiently. He couldn’t afford to play ask and tell with Bukola anymore. He had to find Bernard; he had a few hard questions for his kidnap-plotting cousin.

“Just trust me Bukky. Now is not the time to stand and chat.” He said, ignoring her gasp of outrage as he walked past her and moved towards the stairs. “I need to see Bernard right now.” Bukola’s voice stopped him. “Good luck finding him. He’s certainly not up there.” Lionel turned to see his fiancée standing with her arms still crossed, an annoyed yet smug look on her face.

“What? Where is he?” “Well, if you had the time to stand and chat, I could tell you. But you don’t, so whatever.” Bukola retorted angrily. Lionel took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. Immediately images of Helen looking weak and helpless in her hospital bed filled his mind. He had to find Bernard and get the truth out of him before anything else happened to Helen. He walked back to Bukola and gripped her upper arms gently but firmly, pulling her towards him. “Bukola. I meant what I said. Now is not the time for this foolishness. Helen… Miss Bassey’s life could be in danger. Mine too. You have to tell me where Bernard is. Right now. Where is he, Bukky?”

His fiancée stared back at him angrily, but muttered, “He ran out just a few minutes before you returned, like his ass was on fire. He had this huge bag and just like you he wouldn’t say why he was rushing out…”Lionel let Bukola go and bounded up the stairs. He wrenched the door of Bernard’s room open and cursed in frustration as he saw the dishevelled state. Most of Bernard’s belongings were gone.

This was final proof that Helen had been telling the truth. Somehow, his cousin had known the game was up. Bernard had escaped.

To Be Continue

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  1. Thats nt too good, i hope nutin happens to Lionel

    by Jane on Sep 20, 2016 at 4:32 pm

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