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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 31)

Posted by on September 22, 2016.


When Lionel’s Mercedes drew up beside the fence of Kelechi’s house, there was a crowd outside. People were gathered in curious clumps, craning their necks to see over the high fence and through the decorated gates. Lionel shook his head, wondering how the information about Kelechi’s death had gotten out so quickly.

Beside him, in the backseat of the car, Bukola echoed his thoughts. “Well, I guess bad news travels fast around here.” She shrugged. “Considering his wild ways, I wonder how many of these people are angry fathers or husbands, and grieving girlfriends hoping he didn’t die from AIDS.”

Lionel threw her a warning look. The security firm from which he had hired the still-hospitalized Joe-B had sent a replacement, and the new bodyguard was driving the Mercedes. The man hadn’t reacted to Bukola’s words and appeared to be keeping a professional straight face, but Lionel was unhappy with his fiancée’s lack of tact.

“Watch it, Bukky. He’s not even cold yet; try not to stain his memory too quickly, okay?” he said wryly.

Bukola scoffed. “You and your delicacy! This man had no moral lines he hadn’t crossed and tried to have you kidnapped and probably killed with the help of your cousin…”

At the word ‘killed’, the new bodyguard shifted his gaze to the rear view mirror for a brief moment, and then looked away to manoeuvre the car around the police vans parked by the house’s fence and into the short driveway leading to Kelechi’s gate. The fact that the man had noticed Bukola’s allegations exasperated Lionel. He wondered why she was being so tactless.

“That’s enough, Bukky.” He snapped. “Let the police decide his guilt or innocence. No more backseat detective work from you. Please.”

She shrugged and crossed her arms. “Fine, no more talking about your saintly friend who tried to sleep with everything in a skirt…”

Lionel rounded on Bukola, his patience fraying. “I know Kelechi was no saint…” he looked at the driver and lowered his voice before continuing. “And I know he was quick to take every advantage with women, which is why you must still explain the ‘methods’ you used to distract him long enough to go through his phone.”

She hissed and responded in a tone as low and acidic as his. “Oh please. Just as soon as you explain why you ran out of the house when you heard Miss Bassey had been in an accident. I have my suspicions about that girl. And it’s not just that I think her feelings towards you are unprofessional, which I’m pretty sure of and I think she may have gotten into your head, who knows if she is involved in the kidnap plot with Kelechi and your cousin?”

Lionel shook his head in disbelief at the wildness of Bukola’s accusations. “Unbelievable. Now you think she was working with Kelechi and Bernard? Really? How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Well, Kelechi is… was rich and handsome. And she is an ambitious, gold-digging girl hungry to live in a house as huge as the one she has been managing. Do the math.”

The new bodyguard tooted the Mercedes’ car horn, breaking the tension. Clumps of people watching the house pointed at the car, probably speculating wildly about who they were. Lionel shook his head and leaned back in his seat, watching as a uniformed policeman peered out at them through the locked gate.

“Just unbelievable, Bukky.” He scoffed. “Unbelievable.”

“What part?” she retorted. “That she may be part of the plan to kidnap you, or that she has designs on you and you are attracted to her?”

Lionel was saved from replying by the policeman who had just walked out to their car, gun slung over his shoulder. Lionel wound down his window as the man approached them.

“Ah, okay sir.” the policeman said after Lionel explained who he was. He made a gesture towards the house, and the gates were opened from the inside. “My Oga is expecting you, please drive in.”

As they drove in, Bukola and Lionel maintained a stony silence, which Lionel was grateful for. Bukola’s last question had touched a nerve and his conscience was troubled.

Was he really attracted to Helen? When his office had called to inform him that Helen and Joe-B had been involved in an accident, he had been gripped by panic and paralyzing fear at the thought that she had been hurt. He remembered how she looked in the hospital before he left her- sickly and looking drained of her usual vitality as she lay sedated in the bed. His heart lurched with concern again, but it was a different type. If he really was attracted to her, what would happen after now? He was sure she was not involved in the kidnap plot and Bukola had only accused her out of jealousy, but what would happen after the entire issue had been resolved?

He was engaged to Bukola. He wasn’t necessarily a very religious man, but he was an honest one and took his commitments seriously. How could he marry one woman and let another one he had feelings for work under the same roof with them?

Would he have to remove the source of temptation? Would he have to fire her?

To Be Continue

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