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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 32)

Posted by on September 22, 2016.



Kelechi’s house was filled with policemen searching every corner for God-knew-what and generally creating a mess. Lionel and Bukola had to re-introduce themselves about three more times before they could finally get to the place where the body had been found- Kelechi’s bedroom.

Inside the room where luxurious furniture had been scattered around, they found the policeman who had been communicating with Lionel, and was in charge of the alleged kidnap case. He was bent over a large bloodstain in the cream-colored floor rug by the lone bed in the room, but he straightened when they entered.

“I’m Detective Inspector Babalola of the state CID.” He introduced himself. The police man was over six feet tall, and hovered a few inches over Lionel as they shook hands. In stark contrast to the rest of the ransacked house, his clothes were neat. Every crease seemed to be precise and his light blue shirt was neatly tucked into a pair of black trousers. Intelligent eyes keenly assessed Lionel and Bukola as they stared around the room, thick lips curved in a tight smile in his dark face. “Crazy day you’re having, yes?” his voice was as crisp as his appearance; there was no trace of an accent and he seemed to like to end his sentences with rhetorical questions…

Lionel nodded, impressed by the policeman’s bearing. “I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s definitely one of the worst I have ever experienced.” He turned towards Bukola. “And this is my fiancée, Miss Bukola Deinde.”

The policeman shook Bukola’s hand as well, smiling briefly at her before returning his attention to Lionel. He didn’t seem at all distracted by her beauty or stunning body, and Lionel was amused to see a frown clouding Bukola’s face. The woman was used to male attention. On their way up, most of the policemen they had passed had stared helplessly as Bukola walked by them, but Inspector Babalola seemed to be cut from a different cloth. Lionel wasn’t surprised that Bukola was not pleased. She was used to male attention, and not getting it b made her aggressive.

The three of them moved aside as two men carrying a covered body on a stretcher began to walk past them. The Inspector stopped them with a gesture, and then stopped in the process of lifting the blanket covering the face of the body.

“You may want to look away, madam.” He said to Bukola. “It’s a bit gory. Better not to pass out, no?”

Bukola shrugged, looking unconcerned, and the policeman revealed the face.

It was frozen in a rictus of death; jaws wrenched wide, eyes bulging in fear. Beneath the chin, the throat had been cut. Bukola gave a little shriek and Lionel looked away, swallowing the bile in his throat.

“Is this Kelechi Dike?” Inspector Babalola asked, watching their reactions closely.

“Yes, it is.” Lionel replied. “Who could have done something so vicious to this man?”

The policeman dropped the sheet and waved the stretcher on. “That’s what we are trying to find out, Mr Thomas.”

“Maybe he was killed by his accomplices.” Bukola volunteered. “It’s probably why Bernard ran out of the house hastily. He was coming to kill the man who masterminded the kidnap of my fiancé, Lionel…”

Lionel frowned at Bukola, but the policeman only smiled indulgently. “That’s not very likely, madam. The timelines just don’t work. From what Mr Lionel here told me, Bernard bolted just before he returned home. However, we had already initiated a search for Mr Kelechi at his office and then his house long before Bernard ever stepped out of the Thomas mansion. Our coroner’s first examination of the body supports this fact too. Pretty conclusive, yes?”

Bukola shrugged. “That doesn’t prove anything, really. Bernard could have sent paid assassins after Kelechi. And I recently began to suspect my fiancé’s house manager, Miss Helen Bassey. She may be involved too…”

Lionel rounded on Bukola in fury. “Bukky! What is wrong with you? Why are you just building stories and theories out of thin air and trying to implicate everyone around you?”

“Not everyone, dear. Just her. And why are you letting her pretend guile fool you, Lionel?” Bukola sneered. “I actually like her, but I just think we should be cautious.”

“If you’re referring to the young lady in the hospital,” Inspector Babalola cut in, “It’s unlikely she hurt Mr Kelechi Dike because according to our calculations, she was also attacked at about the same time he was. Like you implied, accomplices could be used, but I doubt she would almost kill herself to deflect suspicion in her involvement. That’s quite a stretch, yes?”

“Well, not that I’m telling you how to do your job, but I think you have to consider her. Kelechi is dead; Bernard has escaped and is unlikely to be captured. Someone has to be arrested and questioned. She seems like the only suspect left.”

Another policeman walked up to them and the Inspector excused himself to confer with his colleague. Lionel use the opportunity to grab Bukola’s arm and draw her draw aside.

“What is this sudden campaign against Helen about?” he asked her harshly. “I know you think I’m attracted to her and you’re probably jealous, but this isn’t the way to punish her. She’s innocent! You can destroy her life this way.”

Bukola smiled and pulled her arm away from his grip. “Your ‘innocentee’ will be exonerated if she had no hand in this.” She said smugly. “Stop being so dramatic. Kelechi is dead and Bernard will never be found, there’s no one to accuse her of anything anyway.”

Lionel was shocked at the intensity in her eyes. Was the woman he was about to marry so mean-spirited? Would she allow jealousy push her to destroy Helen’s reputation?

“Sorry to disappoint you, Miss Deinde.” Inspector Babalola had returned and had apparently heard Bukola’s last statement. “My colleague brought news. And things may just take an interesting turn.”

He turned to Lionel. “Mr Bernard has been found. Actually, he drove to the police station and turned himself in. Good news, yes?”

To Be Continue By 4pm

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5 Responses

  1. bukola will have lots of question to ans

    by jindu on Sep 22, 2016 at 9:50 am

  2. I think Bukola will be part of the assassins

    by Christianah James on Sep 22, 2016 at 11:40 am

  3. Bukola have hand in it

    by shollalli on Sep 22, 2016 at 12:09 pm

  4. hmm….i smell #conspiracy

    by unique on Sep 22, 2016 at 2:02 pm

  5. Bakole is involved even her name tells it (bank ole)

    by Nursy on Sep 22, 2016 at 3:21 pm

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