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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 33)

Posted by on September 22, 2016.



Lionel and Bukola stared at Inspector Babalola with shock written all over their faces. His words seeped into Lionel’s mind slowly.

Mr Bernard has been found.

Lionel felt hope begin to fill his heart. Could this matter have resolved itself so quickly? If Bernard confessed and revealed his accomplices, would the police be able to remove this threat of kidnap that had been hanging over his head? But even more important, Helen would finally be safe.

“Bernard has been found?” Bukola asked, surprise and shock lifting her voice up a few decibels. All the other policemen ransacking Kelechi’s room turned at the sound, and Lionel shot her an annoyed look which she ignored. “As in…. you guys found him?”

Inspector Babalola smiled. “Like I said before, he actually turned himself in. the desk sergeant says Mr Bernard just drove into the police station, walked in and declared himself to be a wanted suspect in a kidnapping case. Just like that.”

“Why?” Lionel wondered. Even though he was relieved Bernard was now in police custody, he didn’t understand why he would surrender his liberty without being forced to. “I mean, Bernard has money, I should know because I was giving him a hefty allowance. He has friends all over the country and outside it. He is smart, greedy maybe, but he is cunny. I’m surprised he didn’t take the risk of managing to elude the police and escape.”

“I’m quite sure we would have gotten him, sir.” Inspector Babalola assured Lionel. “We were already on high alert all over the country. If he had attempted to fly out, he would have been apprehended at any airport he chose to use. Also, road patrols and police highway checkpoints were on the look for his car.”

Not convinced about the level of efficiency the inspector claimed the Nigerian police had, Lionel opened his mouth to argue some more when Bukola interrupted.

“Isn’t it obvious? The boy is a spendthrift.” She said disdainfully. “I’m sure he has probably spent all his money on women and alcohol with the help of his wayward friends. Since you left the country, Lionel, that’s all he does. So he has no money to escape.”

The two listening men nodded thoughtfully and Bukola continued, “Plus, I’m sure he killed Kelechi and then…”

“That doesn’t quite work.” Lionel cut in, frowning. He turned to the policeman. “Wouldn’t killing someone be less motivation to surrender? It would be more risky to turn himself in.”

“I have to agree with Mr Thomas.” The Inspector said. “Murder is a serious crime, and still attracts the death penalty in Nigeria. He would have been better off running…”

A uniformed policeman walked into the room at that moment, coming towards them as he spotted the inspector. Lionel recognized him as the policeman who had let them into Kelechi’s compound.

“Sir!” the man saluted smartly, then leaned close to the inspector and whispered to him. Bukola and Lionel shared a glance. Had something happened?
Inspector Babalola thanked the policeman who turned around smartly and left, and then he turned to Lionel and Bukola.

“I should leave for the police station to question Mr Bernard. I assume you both would like to come as well? I think you should.”

Bukola hesitated, but Lionel nodded. Curious he asked, “Did something happen? What did the other policeman say, if you don’t mind me asking?”
The policeman looked at them both for a moment, appearing to be weighing the pros and cons of telling them something. Then he shrugged.

“I was told that Mr Bernard had started to confess and there was something he said that they considered important enough to think I needed to know immediately.” The policeman said, watching them both closely.

Beside Lionel, Bukola jumped, but he barely noticed. “What did he say Inspector? Is it about Kelechi?”

“Actually, it’s about Miss Helen Bassey.”

Lionel stared at the man, too confused to put his thoughts into words.

“Eh, don’t say I didn’t warn you o.” Bukola mumbled beside him. “She has probably been implicated in the matter…”

“No, Miss Bukola.” The Inspector interrupted. “It’s not that at all. It actually appears she may be in danger.”

Lionel’s heart missed a beat. “What? How? She’s protected and Bernard has been caught.”

The Inspector shook his head. “I’m afraid that may not be enough, Mr Thomas. According to Bernard, his own life is in danger and he only surrendered to avoid being killed.” The tall man’s forehead wrinkled as he frowned. “So if Mr Bernard is not the brains behind the armed men that attacked her before, Miss Helen Bassey may still be in danger.”

Fear filled Lionel’s heart. Just when he had begun to think Helen was safe, his fragile hopes had been dashed. She was unconscious and the hospital where he had left her wasn’t exactly a fortress.

Helen’s life was in danger again.

To Be Continue

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  1. Bukola!!!

    by Kenny on Sep 22, 2016 at 5:55 pm

  2. sweet continue

    by eric on Sep 24, 2016 at 11:21 am

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