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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 41)

Posted by on September 27, 2016.


Over the sound of more gunshots and panicked screams, Joe-B pointed his good arm towards Helen’s room. “There is a woman in there that wants to hurt Miss Helen Bassey.” He pointed towards the noise. “And there are men out there trying to help her and probably also bent on killing us. I suspect they have already run into the extra bodyguard the office sent, which explains all the shooting.”

“I suspect it’s worse than that. There are actually two women in there.” Melody informed Joe-B with a grim look on his face.

Joe-B raised an inquiring eyebrow at Stone and he nodded. “That’s my fault. The first lady said she was a friend of Miss Bassey’s and the second is Mr Lionel Thomas’ fiancée.”

There were more gunshots and the three men instinctively ducked, lowering their voices and keeping a sharp eye out on the corner that led to the corridor where they were standing.

Joe-B shook his head in worry. “Well, one of those women may very well plan to kill her. Mr Thomas called, and told me the person responsible for sending men after Miss Helen Bassey and I was a woman. He actually said it may well be his own fiancée. But with two females in there, I’m keeping an open mind.”

Melody nodded. “I think Stone and I should hold the fort out here, while you go in and check on the ladies. No offence,” he added apologetically, as Joe-B scowled. “You have only one arm good enough to use right now.”

Joe-B nodded and had just turned towards Helen’s room door when a bullet pinged against the wall close to them. The three men scattered along the corridor, hiding behind various medical equipment in the corridor. Stone peeped out and just had enough time to see an armed man aiming a very deadly looking gun in their direction, before another bullet whizzed past his face.

Joe cursed under his breath, looking towards Helen’s room door. There was no noise coming from the room, but that was more troubling than reassuring. The silence, considering all the shooting, meant something bad had happened in there. He had to get to Helen.

Stone drew back quickly and hoisted his own gun beside his head, sharing a grim look with the other bodyguards.

“Well, I guess trouble has come to us.”


The police vans seemed to be flying along the roads to the hospital; horsepower powered by urgency. Yet, Lionel felt they were standing still as time ticked down for Helen.

The sense of relief he felt when they screeched onto the hospital premises was short-lived. They could see people running from the hospital and the sound of gunshots and screams greeted them as they quickly alighted from the police vehicles. There were two black jeeps parked diagonally, blocking the driveway of the hospital.

“The armed men are already here.” Inspector Babalola stated the obvious. He ordered Lionel to hunker by the side of the jeep and issued terse instructions to his men, who fanned out towards the hospital entrance and round to the back of the building.

Lionel felt helpless and wished he had a weapon of some sort in his hands. But it didn’t matter; no one was going to stop him from reaching Helen. He waited till the Inspector was distracted, then joined the policemen who were crouched and running towards the back of the hospital.

I’m coming Helen, he thought frantically. I’m almost there.

Inside the private room, Helen stared down the barrel of the gun Chioma was pointing at her. She couldn’t move and yet her mind was whirling with thoughts. Thoughts of Lionel and the connection she would die without ever fulfilling. Thoughts of her family, far away in the lush city of Calabar. They would be so heartbroken, she thought. Maybe it was true what they said- a person’s life really did flash before their eyes before they died.

Before now, she had only ever seen guns in movies or on the television. Now, she understood why people froze when a gun was pointed at them. The sheer menace of the gleaming black weapon had robbed her of conscious thought. She couldn’t focus beyond the weapon; her eyes were riveted to it.

This was a good thing because if she wasn’t so focused on the gun, her eyes may have shifted to follow the furtive movement behind Chioma, which may have alerted the woman.

As it was, both Chioma and Helen were caught unawares when the water jug Chioma had used earlier to knock Bukola out connected with her own head.

There was a dull thunk of bone meeting glass, and Chioma’s eyes rolled up as she crumpled to the floor.

But as she fell, her forefinger reflexively curled and pressed down on the trigger of the gun pointed at Helen.

The gunshot was the loudest thing Helen had ever heard in her life.

To Be Contiune

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