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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 5)

Posted by on September 8, 2016.



Helen was not surprised to find out that the gorgeous Bukola smelled as good as she looked.

Before the woman even reached where Helen and Bernard stood, the perfume she had on drifted to them and made love to their noses. It smelled as expensive as Bukola looked. When the statuesque beauty reached them, she broke into a brilliant smile. The afternoon sunlight seemed to wince in jealousy at the brightness of her teeth and Helen felt a jolt of pure envy run through her. Why wasn’t she this beautiful and flawless?

“Bukky, my dear! Welcome!” Bernard greeted loudly as he folded the woman in an embrace. Helen raised her brows as the hug seemed to last longer than it should have; but then, Bernard was an incurable womanizer with few personal boundaries. It was no shock that he would try to touch his older cousin’s fiancée for longer than was decent.

The woman expertly extricated herself from Bernard’s grasp- in a way that showed she was used to being pawed by men- and smiled at him, “Bernard dear, it’s been too long. How are you? I hope you’ve repented and turned away from all your partying ways.”

Bukola’s voice was low, the words emerging from between her luscious lips like sweet syrup, laced with the accent of someone who had spent most of her life in a foreign country. As Bernard and the woman exchanged pleasantries, Helen’s heart sunk further. At this rate, her heart would soon touch the gravelly surface of the driveway in which where they were standing.

She resigned herself to having lost the war before it even began. She DEFINITELY didn’t hold a candle to the splendour of this woman.

“And who is this pretty little thing?” Helen heard the woman ask. She jumped a bit when she realized Bernard and Bukola were looking at her. She felt a momentary bit of annoyance at being referred to as a ‘pretty little thing’, but decided to let it pass.

“Good afternoon, madam. I’m Miss Helen Bassey.” She introduced herself politely. She was relieved that her voice held no traces of nervousness. “I’m the house manager; I see to the running of this place and domestic staff.”

The woman pouted playfully. “Oh good heavens, no. ‘Madam’? Please, that makes me feel old.” She walked over to Helen and extended a slim palm. “Call me Miss Deinde. That’s less severe.”

Helen accepted the proffered handshake and wasn’t surprised to find the woman’s grip was soft, just like a perfectly feminine hand should be. So far, Miss Bukola Deinde seemed almost too good to be true.

“Of course, madam… I mean, Miss Deinde. Welcome, and sorry if I seem a bit unprepared for your arrival. I wasn’t informed we were expecting any guests yet.”

“That’s my fault.” Bernard cut in. “I was supposed to inform you, but I forgot. My mistake. It’s no big deal; just arrange a room for her. She’ll be staying a while.”

Easier said than done, Helen thought crossly.

“Always thoughtful, aren’t you Bernard? Thank you for always taking my comfort so seriously.” Bukola said, and fluttered her long eyelashes. Helen thought she could hear a sarcastic tone in the compliment, but the young man smiled happily.

“It’s nothing.” He bragged. “Just relax; we’re here to take care of you. And Lionel will be here soon, so you won’t have long to wait.” He turned to Helen. “Please see that her luggage is removed from her car and taken into whatever room you prepare for her.”

“Of course, Mr Bernard.” Helen replied. She was uncomfortable because she had noticed the other woman was staring at her. Her penetrating gaze seemed to be analysing every inch of Helen’s body, in that way women have of assessing each other. She’s probably estimating the cost of my boring shoes and simple jewellery, Helen thought ruefully, and gauging my average bodily endowments as compared to hers.

Assessment over, the woman smiled at Helen again, “Thank you, Miss…?”

“Bassey. Helen Bassey.” Helen reminded, somehow certain the woman remembered perfectly but wanted to make it seem like the name wasn’t that important; just to put her in her place.

“Miss Bassey. I’m thanking you in advance because I know you’ll take care of me during my stay. Lionel does speak highly of you and how efficient you are.”
Helen felt a tremor of pleasure run through her. She was happy Mr Lionel had mentioned her to Bukola. She couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across her face, but she rearranged her expression when she noticed the woman was still staring intently at her. “I’ll try my best to prove him right, Miss Deinde.”

Bukola batted her eyelashes at Helen and gave a small, tight smile. “I would expect nothing less.”

Helen was surprised to see a flicker of emotion in the woman’s eyes. Was that jealousy? How could Bukola possibly be jealous of her? That was like the moon being jealous of a candle’s light. No, Helen decided, she must be imagining things.

There was absolutely no way Mr Lionel Thomas would prefer a simple, average woman like her to the sophisticated and absolutely gorgeous Miss Bukola Deinde.

Helen might as well wish for the moon.

To Be Continue

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