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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 6)

Posted by on September 8, 2016.


One hour later, Helen watched in chagrin as Mr Lionel Thomas stepped out of the car she had sent to the airport and hugged Bukola. The moment the black Mercedes had entered the large compound, the woman had run out of the house, squealing in happiness, and jumped into Lionel’s arms. Her boss’ fiancée had changed into a yellow t-shirt and a pair of shorts which stretched across her ample behind as she hoisted herself up playfully and wrapped her legs around Lionel’s waist.

When they kissed, Helen looked away briefly, surprised at how much it hurt to watch the intimacy between them. Chioma had really planted ideas in her head and she would have to shake them off quickly.

“Miss Helen!” She looked up to see that Mr Thomas had let go of his fiancée and was walking toward her, smiling.

She let herself admire him for a long moment. He was tall, probably one of the tallest men she had ever known. Even in a simple attire of faded blue jeans and a red t-shirt, his chiselled body was shown off to perfection, each muscled inch moving regally as he walked. A smile lit up his face, even more handsome than Helen remembered it to be, and she took a deep breath to brace herself as he reached her.

She regretted the decision a moment later as the smell of the cologne he used assaulted her nostrils. It was a heady, male fragrance that made her head swirl. She choked down a groan; it was going to be difficult to behave professionally around her good-looking employer.

“On behalf of the entire house staff, welcome, Mr Thomas.” She greeted, stretching out her hand for a handshake and injecting a cheery tone into her voice. “We’re so glad you got home safely.”

He smiled down at her from where his head towered over hers, and then surprised her by enveloping her palm in both of his. “Thank you, Miss Bassey. I’m glad to be home with you all. I can see evidence of all the hard work you all must have done. The house looks great and you look even better.”

She couldn’t stop her heart from leaping at the compliment, but before she could thank him, a voice interrupted her from behind.

“Yes, we have been taking care of the house and Mrs Bassey, as you can see.” Helen and Lionel turned; it was Bernard, coming towards them. Helen wished he would stop the nasty habit of sneaking up behind her; she found it unnerving. He spread his arms in welcome as he walked towards them with a big smile on his face.

Helen’s mouth went dry. The smile seemed fake and sinister to her, like that of a shark swimming around its prey, and it suddenly reminded her of what she should have been worrying about. She realized she had let her infatuation with Lionel take precedence over the kidnap plot she had overheard. How could she have just decided she could have been wrong? Her gut told her she still needed to be careful. Bernard was definitely up to something and she was the only one who knew.

She had to do something.

“Mrs Bassey?” Lionel’s voice interrupted her thoughts. He was looking at her with a raised brow. “Did I miss the memo? When did you get married?”

She pulled herself together, “Oh no no, Mr Thomas. I’m not married. Mr Bernard keeps making the mistake of calling me-”

“Hey, don’t blame me.” Bernard interrupted, standing beside Helen and throwing an arm over her shoulder. “She behaves as prim and proper as an old maid. All work and no play, this one.”

Helen shrugged off his arm, irritated at the invasion of her personal space, and smiled politely at Bernard, “Well, I get paid to work, not play.”

Bernard winked at her, “Just kidding, Madam Prim and Proper.” He turned to his cousin and shook hands with the taller man as Bukola walked over and joined them. “Welcome, Bros. It’s great to have you back home, dude. Hope you brought back something for your boys. We are still loyal o!”

Lionel smiled and pulled Bukola to his side, but when he spoke, his eyes were on Helen, “Of course I did. And I’m glad to be home; I think I will enjoy this visit.”
“I think we all will.” Bernard said, smiling again. Helen shuddered, and wondered if she was the only one who noticed how insincere the smile was. “I’m sure this trip will be the start of great things for all of us, Lionel. More money, more swag, more love, more everything! You can bet on that.”

Lionel laughed, then nodded at Helen before he, Bukola and Bernard began to make their way to the house.

Helen watched them go with fear in her heart, before she turned to supervise the house staff carrying Lionel’s luggage out of the Mercedes. She had read a double meaning into Bernard’s last comment.

More money?

Could he be referring to the ransom he planned to get after Lionel was kidnapped?!

To Be Continue

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  1. wow, nice story

    by Wizzyking on Feb 1, 2017 at 2:33 pm

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