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Captive Heart: Hearts In Peril (Episode 9)

Posted by on September 9, 2016.



Helen slowly read the text message again, her heart pounding in fear. She felt light-headed, as though she were dreaming.

This kind of stuff was what she saw in movies or read in books; how could it be happening to her? Was the message sent to the wrong number? Who had she offended?

She jumped as someone yelled loudly.

“Hip hip hip! Hurray!!”

Helen sighed in relief; she had forgotten about the party. Chioma had just cut her cake and was being congratulated loudly. She looked around at all her friends eating cake and drinking, blissfully unaware that Helen had just stepped into a nightmare. She shuddered. She couldn’t imagine being in a celebratory mood anymore; she had never been so afraid in her life.

Helen walked outside to get some fresh air, so she could calm down and think straight. Immediately the cool evening air hit her, her mind made the connection. She gasped, her eyes growing wide.


There was no other explanation. Her life was very boring and pretty simple. The only thing that could warrant this kind of threat was her recent attempt to warn Lionel Thomas to protect himself.

Could Bernard go as far as threatening her?

Helen heard Chioma calling for her and she composed herself before going in. As she walked towards her friend, she decided to tell her nothing of the threatening text message she had received. There was no point in ruining Chioma’s day as well. Tomorrow, she would tell her.

Tomorrow, she would have to put her foot down. Things had gotten too serious for her peace of mind.

Maybe it was time to tell Lionel everything.


The next morning, when she got to work, she found Lionel sitting by the pool with a couple of newspapers. The tiles were slippery, so she took off her low-heeled shoes and walked gingerly to where he was, shoes in hand.

“Good morning, Sir.” She called out, as she made her way towards him.

He closed the newspaper he was reading and smiled up at her when she got to where he was seating. “Good morning, Miss Bassey. I heard you went home last night. I’m sure you got a good night’s sleep; nothing beats sleeping in one’s own bed.”

Helen wished that were true. She had spent most of the night tossing and turning because she was so worried and afraid. She was surprised he couldn’t see the bags under her eyes. Or maybe he could, but was just being polite.

“I did enjoy going back home, sir.” She said half-truthfully. “I hope you rested well too.”

He smiled. “Even though the house and I missed you, I did.”

Lionel’s smile distracted her. The sunlight rippling on the water in the pool wasn’t even a match for the brilliance of that smile. Her eyes followed the dancing bands of light reflected on his body; he was wearing just a pair of shorts, and his sculpted body was shown off to perfection. She felt a jolt of pure desire go through her. Heaven help her, he looked good enough to eat.

She looked up to meet his gaze. “Lovely day isn’t it?”

Helen thought she heard a faint note of amusement in his voice. She hoped he hadn’t noticed her staring. “Er… yes, Mr Thomas. It is.”

“You look good, as always, Miss Bassey. Your white shirt and black skirt gives you a certain professional appeal I think most people would find appealing. This is not the really the place for that look, though.” Lionel chuckled. “Did you come to swim?”

Flustered at the compliment, Helen had to struggle to remember her purpose for seeking Lionel. “No sir, I didn’t, but I do have something important to discuss with you.”

He motioned to the chair beside him, and she sat down, crossing her legs.

“It’s about Bernard.” She began hesitantly.
Lionel raised his brows. “We seem to be on the same wavelength. I wanted to talk about Bernard and some of his excessive behavior as well. But please, you can go ahead.”

Helen paused, surprised. What could Lionel want to talk about? It couldn’t possibly be the same matter, could it?

“Oh please sir, I’d like you to speak first.” She said quickly, her curiousity getting the best of her. Most of what she wanted to say was based on suspicion, rather than fact. So, it might be better to hear Lionel’s estimation of his cousin before she accused him of anything.

Lionel nodded. “Alright, Miss Bassey, if you insist. I have noticed Bernard’s behavior has been less than savoury and I want tell you that I know he isn’t making your job comfortable. I want to apologize on his behalf.”

Helen waited patiently, feeling a bit disappointed, but hoping he would say more.

“Recently, I noticed his behavior has gotten worse. When I pointed it out to him, he apologized and promised to behave in a more appropriate manner towards you. He has his issues, but he’s a good guy, really. He’s been very helpful to me and Bukola suggests that he just needs to be appreciated better.” Lionel said, looking thoughtful. “Maybe I really should put some more trust in him, don’t you think, Miss Bassey?”

Helen’s heart sank. How could she bring up her unfounded suspicions when Lionel felt this way about his cousin? Would he even believe her?

To Be Continue

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