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Captive Heart: Love, Bound By Betrayal (Episode 1)

Posted by on September 8, 2016.



You’re nothing more than a housemaid. Lol!

Helen winced when she read the new Whatsapp message from her bosom friend, Chioma. The ‘lol’ at the end was probably intended to make the comment light, but she still felt the sting of the words.

House manager. My university degree is not for decoration. She replied, swallowing her hurt. Chioma meant well.
Yeah right, came the cheeky response.

Helen sighed and put her phone aside, running her hands over her dark skirt in frustration. No matter how many times she tried to explain the complicated job of running the large household of her boss, Mr Lionel Thomas, her friends and family never quite got it.

She pulled on a dark blazer over her white blouse and left the small office where she ran the affairs of the house, then stopped when she heard voices coming from the laundry room close to her office.

“Oga Lionel’s brother is really a wayward man o. Hmm!”

“Are you telling me? See the girls he and his friends brought to the house last night. Every day, since Oga travelled to America, he brings different girls o. Monday, yellow, Tuesday, black, Wednesday, multi-coloured! I wonder which colour he will bring tomorrow, my sister!”

Helen frowned, and then coughed loudly. “Ahem!”

The gossiping house staff immediately fell silent, and the sounds of washing resumed in the laundry room.
Helen strolled on, swallowing a laugh. The subject of the discussion she had overheard was actually Mr Thomas’ cousin, Bernard. He was certainly living wild. He often stayed out late, came back drunk, had unreasonable visitors and was rude to the staff and to her as well. At 28, she was probably older than he was, but he insisted on being addressed as ‘Mr Bernard’. Her employer was rarely in the country- she had actually only seen him twice in the two years she had been managing his house staff- and in his absence, his cousin had taken his crazy lifestyle up a notch.
She strolled into the living room, hoping Bernard had gone out. The house was always easier to run in his absence-

“Mrs Bassey!” a voice thundered from the stairs above her. Speak of the devil, she thought wryly.

She looked up. Bernard was in a pair of shorts, leaning on the upstairs banister and looking hung-over. Helen briefly hoped he had a headache. His red eyes glared out of a dark, chubby face ringed with an unkempt afro and a rough beard.

“Good morning, Mr Bernard.” She greeted, keeping her expression pleasant. “And it’s Miss. Like I’ve said. Many times.”

He waved dismissively. “Whatever. Get me coffee, and something to eat. Also, I have some dirty glasses and empty bottles up here. I want them gone.”

He yawned and scratched his crotch, walking away without waiting for her response.

Helen bit her lip and muttered to herself, “At once, your majesty.”

She picked up the house phone in the living room and relayed his instructions to the kitchen. “And please send someone to pick up some glasses and bottles upstairs. Thank you.”

Mood ruined, she continued her morning inspection of the house, and finally climbed up the stairs. She walked past Bernard’s room, hesitated, then returned to pick up the tray of dirty glasses by his door. She could as well just take them down to the kitchen herself. As she bent down, Bernard’s voice drifted out faintly from the other side of the door.

“Look my brother has money, so don’t worry. Fifty million naira is chicken change to him.”
Helen shook her head and began to straighten up with the heavy tray, when the next words froze her in place.

“Will he be the first person to be kidnapped in Nigeria? His company will pay jor. Just arrange to come get him when he returns from the U.S. I will handle the house security.”

Helen’s eyes widened. Had she just heard a plan to kidnap her boss? A plan hatched by his own cousin?
She stepped away from the door and the glasses on the tray she was carrying clinked against each other. Bernard stopped talking as the sound filled the corridor. Helen’s heart raced. Had he heard the noise? Would she be caught eavesdropping on him?

Her throat went dry in fear. What would he do if he caught her here?!

To Be Continue

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  1. Nice

    by 🐜 hony on Sep 24, 2016 at 2:32 pm

  2. Good to go

    by Lizzy toh unique on Oct 2, 2016 at 7:59 am

  3. carry on

    by angel on Jan 27, 2017 at 11:32 pm

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