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Captive Heart: Love, Bound By Betrayal (Episode 2)

Posted by on September 8, 2016.



Helen’s heart thumped in panic as she stared at Bernard’s door, frozen in fear. She wondered if he could hear her heart too; it sounded that loud to her.

She heard footsteps approaching the door. Bernard was coming towards her! She looked down the corridor in panic- the nearest doorway was too far to hide in.

She had to think fast.

Quickly, she balanced the tray of empty glasses on one arm and tapped on the door, just before Bernard yanked it open.

He stared at her with reddened eyes, and a scowl wrinkled his brow. “What are you doing here?”

His bad breath washed over her, and she held back a grimace. “I came upstairs and saw this tray of glasses outside your door. So, I decided to take it down myself, and then wanted to confirm if the kitchen staff had delivered your breakfast.”

Bernard raised a brow, and stared at her fixedly. Helen’s heart was still thumping, but she stared back with her best poker face. She was surprised her voice had been steady and her hands were not shaking, but she didn’t know how long she could keep up the façade of calmness if he kept staring at her.

“Mr Bernard?” she asked, raising her own brow. “Is something the matter?”

He stared at her for a few more moments, then leaned out and looked into the corridor.

Helen took an involuntary step back, her thoughts racing. Was he planning to do something to her? Was he checking to see if there was anyone to be a witness to whatever it was?

“Yes, Mrs Bassey. Something is indeed wrong.” Bernard grunted suddenly, turning his attention back to her. He ran his eyes over her, and then sneered. “I haven’t gotten my breakfast and I wonder why. You need to organize the house staff better or isn’t that what you’re paid to do? Since you’re now picking up trays, maybe you should start bringing the food up yourself.”

Helen felt annoyance brush aside her fear. As she opened her mouth to respond, a maid walked into the corridor, holding a food-laden tray.

Helen felt relief course though her. She smiled at Bernard. “Maybe they’re not that inefficient after all. Enjoy your breakfast.”

As the maid reached the door, Helen used the opportunity to leave quickly. Just before she turned the corner, she couldn’t help but look back.

Bernard was staring at her.
When Helen returned to her office, she made sure her door was locked, and then called her best friend, Chioma. She quickly recounted everything that had just happened.

“This is serious, Helen!” her friend exclaimed, sounding as worried as Helen felt, “You have to tell your boss!”

“And say what? What’s my proof? It’s my word against Bernard’s, and why should Mr Thomas trust me over his cousin? I’m just one of his numerous employees and we’re not even close. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to call him and say anything.”

“So what will you do?” Chioma asked.

Helen bit her lower lip, “I really don’t know. I suppose I have time to think about it. My boss isn’t coming back to the country anytime soon, so I think I will figure something out before then.”

“Whatever you decide to do, just put your safety first. Your boss is a big man that can be protected; you don’t have that kind of luxury. Bernard could be dangerous.” Her friend warned.

Helen nodded silently in agreement. As it was, she wasn’t entirely sure Bernard had believed her in the corridor. If he suspected she had overheard his plan to kidnap her employer, she could be in real trouble

Her office phone beeped as she was about to reply and when she looked at the screen, it was her boss, Mr Lionel Thomas, calling from Texas, in the United States of America. Her heart began racing again. Her employer hardly ever called. This was a scary coincidence.

“I have to go, Chioma. I’ll call you back.” She said hurriedly, ending the call and picking up the other one from her boss. “Good morning Mr Thomas.”

His warm voiced flowed into her ears and she felt herself calm down almost immediately. She had only spoken to him a few times, but his voice was mesmerizing. It was warm and buttery, full of a manly confidence that always held everyone’s attention.

“Good morning, Miss Bassey. It’s still pretty early over here, and since my work is keeping me up, I decided to give you a quick call. I hope everything is going okay?”

She had to clear her throat before she could respond, “Er… yes sir, Mr Thomas. The house affairs are going smoothly and everything is being taken care of.”

He chuckled. “That’s good to know. I was actually asking about you, Miss Bassey. How are things with you? Are you fine?”

Helen’s jaw dropped open in surprise. Mr Thomas had never shown any interest in her welfare before now. She tried to mask her shock. “Oh! I’m sorry, sir! I… I’m doing fine.”

“I’m glad you are, Miss Bassey.” He replied warmly. “I called because I may be coming home soon. As a matter of fact, I should be back in Nigeria by this time next week.”

Helen held back a gasp of alarm. Mr Lionel Thomas was coming back in a week’s time! That meant Bernard could carry out his plan to kidnap her boss sooner than she thought. Her mind raced frantically. This wasn’t good. What was she going to do now?!

To Be Continue by 4pm

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