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How Chelsea Fans Are Living Without The Champions League In Nine Pictures

Unlike Manchester United who are always on and off with the Champions League like Chris Brown’s love life, this is sort of new for Chelsea since the Abramovich era. Here are nine ways Chelsea fans cope without the Champions League.


How they watch weekend games


Na till next week before we see another game, see where Mourinho land us.


When someone tries to interrupt or change the channel


It’s like they are doing you from your village abi?


When Tuesday or Wednesday arrives


Chai! This is too much to bear.


When it is match nights and they see games like Copenhagen vs Club Brugge


Is this a joke? And UEFA is seriously thinking of allowing games like these? Are these football clubs or cough syrups?


When Arsenal fans try to diss them about Chelsea’s absence in the Champions League


Are you well at all? You don’t know your oga for Champions League?


How they hope Arsenal lose, so it can cure their ‘bad belle’


Lord, our happiness depends on this


When they hear the Champions League theme song


So this is how depression starts? Lord take away any idea that involves use of rope from my mind.


When it is Thursday


Life is good


When they look at the Premier League table and Chelsea is still not in the top four


What sort of life are we living?


  1. Itz Christaddicted

    Hahahaha……Am a Die-harded Cfc fan buh, na tru una talk sha Lollz

  2. still can’t stop laff; Lolz

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