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Chris Brown Banned For Life From Gym After Aggressive Behaviour

Singer Chris Brown has been banned fro life from a Life Time fitness centre after he lost it a New York City location.

Chris and his crew were on the basketball courts playing loud music, cussing and hurling insults and when they were asked to leave by a manager refused.

A representative of the company told TMZ the Chris and his group have been banned permanently from the company’s more than 100 locations.

The rep said Chris’ actions and behaviour towards their staff was unacceptable and they wouldn’t be standing for it.

Chris Brown and his crew would need somewhere else to get their fitness on.


  1. chris brown is goin gaga nowadays. (effects of d expired weed hes smokin)

  2. This boy should stop smoking Osogbo weed that always make him to misbehave

  3. Really??…

  4. Effect of weed..


  6. This was still the guy that used a gun to harrass a lady last year, nawa o american celebrities and their pompousity.

  7. he should not have show aggressive behavior to the manager!! is not by money and is not by power!!

  8. Chris brown and problem

  9. yea dats wat happen wen u hav too much money nd its making u crazy

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