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Crazy Moment Snake Catcher Releases 285 Snake Into Indian Forest (Photos)

A snake catcher has released 285 of snakes inside the forest after he checked there were no people nearby.

Salem Khan can be seen not only pouring hundreds of snakes out of a large bag, but he also patted them away, and one got attached to his trousers.

Mr Khan, who has been a snake catcher for around 30 years, said: ‘The same day, we released as many as 60 poisonous snakes, including cobras. He can then be seen praying at the end.







  1. Dis is complete madness and one of d fuckin reasons i hate india

  2. How can someone more than hundred of snakes in home, which he later released into the forest


  4. Nonesense

  5. okezie lkpeazu (ur governor)

    he suppose de e no bite him

  6. Indians r so weird

  7. Stupid country India nawa ooo

  8. Stupid country India

  9. that man is weirdo and a fool.

  10. I hate india

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  12. INDIANS are #stupid#

  13. This Is Real Madness

  14. if it wer me i would burn the snakes

  15. Dat man don been crazy before

  16. Indians are evil I fear them more than anybody you can think about

  17. India fact;- they worship king cobra(snake)

    That is the reason for me hating indians

  18. Na from snakes dem dey get dier powers

  19. this indian people ee i no wetin i go say

  20. @Anonymous a u sure u will go nire d bag and bo
    ne it

  21. He most has his own reason 4 doing dat,bt is unfear.i pray 4 my enemy 2 travel 2 indian

  22. aw cum dose things no bite him

  23. aw cum dose things no bite him

  24. But is india rily an evil country

  25. i pity india people oo.TFY dis man

  26. Stop saying rubbish about Indians,Anonymous or whatever ur name is

  27. This altitude is bad
    what are his intentions? That is the question to be ask

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