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Dear Readers, Is This Dude Making Sense Or Not? (See)

Is he making sense or not?



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  1. He is to avoid failure

  2. He is,to avoid all time failure in exam maybe all he read did not always come out in exam and when he fail they will make jest of him,so if this happen at least they will praise him

  3. It doesen’t make any sense that is stupidity, examination simply means a test on all what you have learnt in school or while in school so you shouldn’t only expect questions from one side only but from all what you have learnt.

  4. extra ordinary sense

  5. He is a complete fool

  6. yeah it make sense

  7. Yes oooooooo

  8. Some people will take it serious en personal. Almost sounding like a sec.sch.tHerapist.. As if they are dat brilliant.. Lols….. D F9-class.. …………………… Kikikikiki

  9. lazy fool

  10. it doesn’t make sense

  11. i support him

  12. I think he make sense so dat dem ll know he knows what is doing well

  13. Ha 4 dis country

  14. i think the guy is making sense cos somtyms u ignore just one topic thinking it won’t be set in the exam but instead the entire exam is based on that single topic so in that section u r lyk explaining ur reason for failing the exam

  15. I think it make sence

  16. I totally agree with him

  17. You are so ryt @mubarak

  18. YES ..making sense

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