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The Admin team of this wonderful blog uses this section to implore all our ardent reader, followers, team, and well wishers towards the growth of this outstanding blog.

Do you have any opinion you wish to share with us, complaints or advice, please share with us through the comments box, as you can see we already have the reply button in our comments box, we will reply you immediately and work on each and every opinions, complaint and advise perfectly.


Remember, you are our priority here and your Love towards this blog will always be the architect of success of this blog.

May God bless you as you do so.


  1. I dont see my comments immediately i post it

  2. Thanks for that. We need to approve all comments manually before it appears here cos of some unacceptable and crude comments which might hinders most commenters attitude from commenting on most of our post.

  3. As For Me I Dont See Me Comment At all Why?

  4. Am glad to b able to reach u..
    You’r doin a great job here…..
    Pls i will like to read d continuation of ‘palingenesis’. Also can evry1 post to dis blog?
    Happy 2017.

  5. Lol sir, but Na your comment we just replied to now, maybe you add links or sexual related stuff to it sha.

  6. anytime i comment i dont see it dat what make my friend stop commenting in dis blog

  7. u are slow in posting this story”IN THE DARK”why

  8. @kehnny lawal tell ur people dat am not comfortable with dis blog o bcos anytime i comment i can’t see what i commented inmmedialy to see whether i did mistake or not please.

  9. i don see my comment dis one


  11. Sometimes if i want to open a1000laff it will say service not available contact service provider why?

  12. When I open this blog somedays ago.the theme(the background profile) was changed and did not look I think it should not be changed.

  13. Weneva I Type Very Fast It Says I Type Too Quickly, Nd M Nt A Slow Typer,plz Do Smtin About Dat,nd Secondly,D Shutting Down,do Smtin About Dat Also, Jah Bless U Team 1000% Laff

  14. i want u people to create a forum where every one can post articles like different section

  15. i also want this site to allow signup ….cos peoplle can talk trash with any sign in willl help make one to commentt with the name he signed withh and if he or she misbehave they get banned or suspended

  16. some articles with interesting caption dnt hv ani material in dem why??

  17. Happy 😊 new year to every one may 2017 be our year of rest no more tribulation in our lives ijn what I observe is,before I normally see my comment on my phone but now nothing like that please can you explain to me thanks

  18. Yhu quys dnt Show Ma coMMent, Why??

  19. D story update z nt going

  20. I Would Love For There To Be A Thread Or Threads On This Blog For Various Varsities. That Will Keep A Lot Of Peeps Cming Bk Here

  21. i dnt see my comment at all

  22. My Major Problem Is Site Is Not Available Or An Error Occur Why Using So So Document To Access So So Document, I Can Remember The Full Message. Or 502 Error Occur. Thanks


  24. We’ need to approve all comments here before they will appear on the blog cos of the unacceptable comments some readers drop here.

  25. We’ve rectify all the probs the site was battling with then.
    The site is good and easy to surf through now.

  26. We’re working on it sir.

  27. After dropping your comments, just wait for few minutes, when we approve it you will see it on your phone.

  28. Just scroll down to the blog template and change it to web view if you don’t like the mobile view template.


  29. An admin that will work on that will be employed soon.


  30. The error has been rectify


  31. My Problem Here Is Dat Anytime There Is Predict And Win If I Predict It Will Not Display No Matter Hw I Try
    And Anoda 1 Is Dat This Blog Sumtimes Will Not Open

  32. My Major Problem Is That When There Is Predict And Win Wen I Predict It Will Not Display
    And Anoda One Is The Site Is Not Always Available

  33. @Demzay Yea Thats True And I Support About Signing Up Stuff….To Avoid Impersonation

  34. Why is it that the story “he took my girlfriend when i was broke” is no longer continuing.

  35. why is freebasics not working for Lumia phones?

  36. palingenesis pls

  37. pls seperate watsapp from bbm

  38. kehnny baba i hail o,baba dat story ‘”he took my girlfriend when i was broke” una neva post am since o.baba abeg do somtin put.stay safe

  39. we have finish palingenesis

  40. I Think You Should Include More Sports In Your Posts To Attract Sport Loving Fans Like Me.

  41. And Anytime I Click On Jokes It Will Show Page Not Found

  42. Which 1 is am posting comment too quickly, slow down?

  43. The site is sometimes not working when l search

  44. I Dont Know If Its Possible Like If Anyone Calls My Name In A Comment..I Would Be Able To Get The Notification And Reply Him Or Her

  45. I Dnt See My Comments After Postin

  46. This site is always shutting down and also i would every reader to sign up in order not to mess with someone name and also you should create a forum for your reader to post i guess that gonna a great positive in these blog #thanks_the_admin

  47. This site is always shutting down and also i would like every reader to sign up in order not to mess with someone name and also you should create a forum for your reader to post i guess that gonna a great positive in these blog #thanks_the_admin

  48. I have noting

  49. plz admin wetin they go on,some stories are either page not found.while,some stories like the professional sex maker are from

  50. u don’t use to see my comment on time

  51. I am not here to complain but 2 suggest. As an ardent reader and a good follower of this blog, i think you guys should create a login page for members so that scammers won’t wander and post rubbish in the comment section.
    Nd i also suggest that you act quick about these;
    “you are posting commens too quick slow down” and
    “Duplicate copy detected”:

  52. Anytime i wnt 2 comment, i use 2 see lyk 181 unnecessary comments from december 2015. it use 2 piss me off o, and my comment dinno use 2 show on time

  53. sometimes the pictures don’t show

  54. Can I buy this blog…. Am serious

  55. Ofcos Yes if you have 30million naira…its all yours.

  56. na agba oye i won hail sha..Bro thanks 4 d stories,u are appreciated,abeg d sex story,abeg let d story type increase nt 1 u get..Pls d update of stories…Pls bro let it be fast o and lenghten pls abeg..@Bros khennylawal,u removed me shey 4 whatsapp group,der is God sha..Pls oye d story update let it be xtra ordinary fast..Pls thanks

  57. and also diz ur funny picture meme dat u use to do eg”10 things u can relate to if u are a chelsea fan”…Lyk dah tin abeg dats wat attracted me to dis blog,abeg continue..Do d sport like and so odas..And pls too if peeps lyk me av d talent to do doz funny stuff abeg give of d avenue to show our talent..Abeg

  58. i want you to bring back the story ^my life as a yahoo boy^ and speed up the new creation story at least post twice a day, and also `in the dark`

  59. new creation is twice a day na

  60. i know i was the cause of admin lawal reading comments before posting because i was posting rude, sexual, and bad words which very bad
    i am truly sory all dat i have done and i wish this blog will forgive me

  61. an ardent follower of this blog, there should a division of jokes &sex because children of now aday & 2.stop discriminating people. 3. there should be a login site to protect this blog from scammers.

  62. My own is de continuetion of dis story,
    you married my girl wen i was broke, now yu go served.

  63. Dear admin. I Rilly enjoy this blog but I must confess, prefer the previous version to this updated blog, blcos the previous version has many interesting features but this one has been minimize, i can’t no longer enjoy those story articles I used to enjoy in the previous version of a1000laff blog. Pls if there is anything you guys can do, just help in restoring back the story page. Thanks, faithful reader. James.

  64. U Can get them daily on AfriLaugh For all African jokes and comedies

  65. I Notice That You Guys Are Still Showing “Copyright c 2016” Below…Update It

  66. @Kehnny lawal it’s very hard for me to find d previous or next menu.Now I want to go back to a story I love nd I can’t because there is no previous button or next button.Pls admin u ve to do something about this.

  67. Use the search button at the top left or scroll down to the blog and search for any stories you wish to read on our blog.


  68. which 1 is disconnected,even wen am close 2 d end of a story,it will disconnet nd go back 2 d bgini, it piss me off

  69. There ar usually no stories update any longer like before,datz d sole purpose i came to did blog,cause od stories and the jokes but i am nt seeing much of dat now and also how can i join ur whatsapp group??

  70. There ar usually no stories update any longer like before,datz d sole purpose i came to dis blog,cause of stories and the jokes but i am nt seeing much of dat now and also how can i join ur whatsapp group??

  71. There z no update abt the beauty pageant winner…

  72. see me coding.

  73. in d dark…. pls

  74. Me I don’t really have any complaints about the site but just help me to tell airtel if they are giving us free browsing(freebasic) they should show us pictures,and stop doing half work

    But again WHO CARES

  75. wow!!!. Am so excited, Got no complaints. I so much love this blog. My appreciation to d admin team nd d ardent readers of this blog. Love y’all

    #U guys re unique, No one can replace u#

  76. The Story Update Panel Is No Longer Working Pls Do Something

  77. Good day admin.pls how do I read completed stories?

  78. ι don’т ѕee coммenт ιммedιaтely ι poѕт it

  79. Can you please create a chat session, where one can register and chat

  80. my own is how to post on this blog

  81. fuck u khenny lawal xo na bcoz e too small u wan leave me abi

  82. I will only suggest that we should be able to share some of your stories on facebook and twitter in order to make this blog more popular. Please work on that as soon as possible thanks

  83. i want d story tarasha n my husband’s story 2 continue..tnx

  84. Pls i need episode five of ‘holy bad boy turn badoo’.

  85. all i wqnt is the login panel

  86. update more new stories it is getting boring

  87. “I”want,more”akpos”jokes.

  88. “a1OOOlaff,”get,wahaala.

  89. Second chance is d best story u guys have ever posted on this blog

  90. hmm, at times when i cmment on post esply sport prediction it don’t show n also d way admin share tinz n put tinz is not interesting lyk be4 so plz u admin work harder on that, thankz

  91. you guys are doing but post on sex kissing is already getting too much..there other stuffs that are better than that..i know every blog is trying to improve their blog but i dont think sex stories or such is needed…..try to be a1000laff.

  92. I would love to read a story titled I and ogechi

  93. life is good up try admin

  94. Some times ur photo dont see photo of …….. then u click nd see nothing.

  95. we need adebimpe the facebook the Facebook ke…
    is been long we have been reading the story…
    still yet we haven’t even reach half of the concluding part..
    pls oooooo……

  96. guyz ur blog is wonderful bt i dnt no y u guyz dnt post story weekends.pls pls and pls we wnt u guyz 2 be posting story.

    By inzaghi

  97. I would be glad if smileys can be posted alongside with comments on this blog.

  98. hw can i be a member

  99. I can’t see all pictures

  100. where is professional sex maker continuation

  101. Why is the site mixing previous days posts with the present ones.I mean the present posts should be in the first page,then yesterdays post on the 2nd page and so on and so forth.Organize the news updates section very well.

  102. abeg it doesn’t have to be the first person dat predicts the correct answer in the “predict and win” game you people put on…… even if it has to be let others dat predicted the correct score line also have something to win too

  103. Cute Guyz@CoolNG.Tk

    Do Your Own Style by Super_kay that is downloadable at

  104. I don’t have any complaints sharp blog

  105. I Can See U Dnt Av Stories And Hillarious Pix 2 Post Again U Dnt Evn Knw Wat 2 Post Again Abi

  106. @kehnny lawal how can I post stories

  107. I need to be posting stories ooo @kenny lawal

  108. Please let’s talk about it on our official WhatsApp contact 08161261514.

    We will be waiting to hear from you.

  109. i cant see what i comment.

  110. can we like or reply to any comment ourselves like its done on Facebook

  111. hi admin nyc blog u got..buh derrs a lil problem with some article , hv no pic y s dat??

  112. if I start to talk ehn..
    anyway.. & btw, if this request would be granted, create a post for “new year resolutions” biko.. it isn’t too late

  113. Please am reli Sick i cant see who am chatting with??????

  114. I want to see photo

  115. Dear admin. Please drop the the next episode “in the dark the story of love betrayal sadness

  116. My name is Harrison Wells! Tonight, the future begins!

  117. window.alert(“test”)

  118. sum picture we not display pls

  119. when did khenny lawal start to be wells. BUT i thought you only like Diana (wonder woman)

  120. my own is network problem

  121. please wen will tarasha part two be out becos am so eager to read it to the end.

  122. Good day Admin,
    Please I write to bring to your notice the problems I’m having as one of the ardent readers and core commenters on this blog..
    I wasn’t online all through yesterday 21 Jan, 2017. But when I came online on the 22 Jan, 2017, I saw many comments here Wit my own username “Edem Edem” of which I was not the one that wrote such… some using my name express love to Lorena which I as the real Edem Edem wouldn’t and could never have done tho.
    please I want ur help on this issue, what should I do?
    it Even came to a point that I stopped commenting on post, but yet when I revisited those post, I saw stupid comments with my username.
    Sir please you have to do something on this lest you loose you ardent readers n commenters because of impersonation.
    I’m Edem Edem

  123. /Admins/

    please can u guys activate a
    notification that can notify us if we
    have a some comments that we have
    not gone through? Like yesterday i
    commented late in the night and this
    morning when i went back to some
    of yesterday’s post some persons
    commented and where referring to
    me so if i didn’t went back how will i
    have knew that i have so comments?
    Please do something am happy with
    your efforts but the best is yet to
    come……… Thanks @ all

  124. Pls @Kenny when ‘ll u post “MY HUSBAND STORY”is too long pls

  125. Am nt using free basics bt d pics does nt show somtimes

  126. Dear admin. There should be a platform where ppl that comments can upload their profile pics… Our pics should be @the side of our comments

  127. sum of ur story’s re too short

  128. Add “READ OUR COMPLETE STORY” Like When D Blog Was Still On Blue Colour B4 It Shutdown Last Year

  129. Don’t you want to drop the next episode for in the dark a story if love sadness and betrayal…and abandoned child..ehn u have killed you suspense sef

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