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Dear Wonderful, Lovely, Nice And Blessed Readers These Are What To Expect From A1000LAFF In Year 2017 (See)

Without composing so much quotes and too much sayings we will only be appreciative to you all for standing with us always. We will always pray for more joy, blessings and God’s favour for your lovely characters and kind hearted gift.

We’ve updated and upgraded our server and we’re free from unreasonable shut down and other worrisome problems we’ve been encountered here.

So these are what to expect from us in the year of greatness and blessing which is year 2017

▶ Discussion And Conversation Section

▶ Opinion And Complaints Section

▶ Unlimited Jokes, Stories And News Updates 

▶ Education & Admission Info

▶ Gossip And Celebrities News

▶ Fun Game, Brain Teasers, Smart Games & Puzzle

▶ Relationship Talk And Advice

▶ Updating Readers Post To Our Homepage 

▶ A1000LAFF Beauty Pageant 

▶ A1000LAFF Get2geda Party 

▶ Increasing Our Predict And Win Gift

▶ Monthly Top Commenters Gift

▶  Monthly Prayers To All Readers And Admin

▶ Music, Video, Films And Funny Pictures.



More To Come Later….. Thanks Once More.



  2. Your site is always having issues why?

  3. All those issues has been rectify, we were battling with spammers and hackers issues that’s why.

  4. i am well prepared,, god should keep us alive….

  5. Dats nice,,,, thanks

  6. good one
    keep it up

  7. u are awesome

  8. Nice one admin…Happy new year to every user in this blog…
    More blessings.

  9. Happy New year guyz. This one is a welcome development keep it up.

  10. Thats A Good One

  11. Yea… We r upgrading… Kudos to d admins …… Happy new year to u all

  12. I hope so 😊

  13. Am ready for anyfin

  14. We are ready

  15. dats nice may it be as u said pals…

  16. Wow great.

  17. Yeah so nice

  18. Just Solve The Issue Of Site Is Not Available And Error Blaz Blaz I Keep Getting

  19. Nice nice nice

  20. what about free recharge cards?

  21. We will surely do that OK.

  22. Good work ADMIN…..

    Mose grease to your elbow.

  23. Kk, veri qud

  24. Interesting

  25. kip it up admin

  26. This is lovely


  28. I am waiting

  29. woow dats interesting,its a gud news

  30. uhmm..We are here..And pls add sex talks/stories too…U get

  31. I love ❤ that God bless you

  32. Nice….

  33. yeaaaaa we appreciate

  34. Jamil---dah baddest

    Also add sextapes and porn videos

  35. that is good

  36. bravo

  37. this will make our great blog more fun & interesting, CARRY GO!

  38. i will surely be looking foward to such changes this year.keep up the good work administrative department and God bless a1000laff

  39. I damn hate dis blog…..dont kno y… anyway, fuck the Admins…….. Signed Queenboy.

  40. Chisom Divinefavour

    if accomplished, very fact I will certainly appreciate that wonderful expectations. thanks.


  42. Nice one

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