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END TIME! See What This Sister Has To Say About Her Self Acclaimed Healthy B00bs

While everyone is being proud owner of cars and houses.

Queen Bridget says she’s proud of her 2 healthy b00bs.
Please a word for her.


  1. Insensibility

  2. she appriciate how her god created her not like other girls

  3. is our work oooo soft work.

  4. she lack self empathy!!

  5. Make she dey drive the boobs around na since she prefers them to cars mumu. Her face like akriko

  6. Shaa she’s proud of her boobs and hapi 4 the large boobs….whch knd heavy load be dat

  7. Asif she z beautiful. Dt 1 don pass brst abeg.

  8. But D Girl Face Na Work

  9. Maybe she has nothing and want pple 2 notice her.

  10. b proud my frnd Na God give

  11. That too bad

  12. That too bad of you.


  14. Did she buy her stupidity or got it for free???

  15. Foolishness

  16. World heavyweight champion

  17. so stupid

  18. Na she sabi

  19. Na was ooooo

  20. nawaooo u be dis

  21. dat a 9ice boobs if say i no wer she dy sty i wil suck until it smal

  22. don’t mind what they are saying they are being jealous of u

  23. Dat one na big show na rlly heavy load

  24. That is madness

  25. It’s a fresh one tho

  26. so u av to show ur boobs to us b4 we knw dey r healthy trash

  27. she is ntt ashame

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