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Every Man Should Be Able To Do This With Their Lady (See)

Try it even though she’s much more bigger than you in size…Isn’t it?

Let’s hear from you!!!!!!


  1. Itz a part of execise naa

  2. Exercise indeed

  3. I agree…

  4. Ma my jab

  5. Yes cos i normally do it with my bae.

  6. Seriously?? @Horsfall

  7. This is so so cute!

  8. Really,@Horsfall

  9. Dats nyc im gonna try it

  10. is something wrong in that

  11. datz nice of dem

  12. Awesome!!….

  13. Yea true my babe like that so much ,and also carrying her at my back lol

  14. I will try dis wit my hobby today today

  15. Yes seriously.@Anthonia & Nikky

  16. hmmm
    enjoymnt deeey ooo

  17. na somebody wey chop belle full fit try am

  18. Do u people want to kill some body here?

  19. i think i will start it
    thanks guys

  20. good to be back

  21. no be me,i no wan die

  22. Never,she Is 2 Big

  23. u killer using my name to comment u don’t know u are killing me please stop.

  24. my prototype

  25. Kind Of Funny

  26. so if i do dis tin wey u tok now,,buhari no go fly again shay??
    bcos my babe no b ant,,,she big pass big show… ^_^

  27. WEN food no de house…

  28. Wow I love that.

  29. okayooooooooooooo

  30. horsfall Bae tiny nah.

    we wey my Bae be like yokozuna and I be like boy alinco for papa ajasco

    shey na my death warrant I wan sign?

  31. I do it with my twin sis every morning

  32. I would luv 4 someone to do dat to me


  34. my babe dey like elephant. I no fit

  35. I will love to try this out this week…

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