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For A Better Relationship.

1. Remember It Is Not Important To Always Be Right. 

2. Be Able To Compromise When There Is A Difference Of Opinion.

3. Do Things Together Today~ You May Not Have Tomorrow.

4. Keep Your Priorities Straight, Responsibility Ahead Of Plessure. 

5. Learn To Put Up With His Little Quirks~he Has Learned To Put Up With Yours.

6.Put Each Other First. Do Everything With Your Spouse In Mind. 

7. Believe That No Matter What Happens, Things Will Workout.

8. Don’t Disagree Immediately. Discuss Both Sides.

9. Life Isn’t Always Sunshine, Learn To Survive The Storms.

10. Focus On The Things That Matters, And Let The Little Things Slide. 

11. Learn How To Talk Things Over.

12. If Your Spouse Gets Bossy Just Stay Sweet.

13. Give Each Other Plenty Of Time To Grow. 

14. Learn To Love And Appreciate The Good In Each Other. 

15.Learn To Be Contented With What You Have.

16. Be Each Other’s Very Best Friend. 

17. If You Speak In Haste, Then Apologize With Haste Too.

18.Don’t Try To Change Each Other.


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