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Funny Photos: African Police




  1. Na by force

  2. Supa hot


  4. You Must Kill Me Today

  5. That what they thought them at training joor!!!

  6. Nigeria police can go extra miles just to receive #500 from citizens
    they have no shame

  7. na poverty cause am

  8. Wow lol

  9. I cnt stop laughing

  10. those police no get sense

  11. nawaw for african force

  12. Becoz of hw much dey won kill theirselve

  13. LwkM…lolzzz…

  14. Naija police knw dey carry last nah

  15. faith benson jiji

    den dey mad

  16. animals on uniform

  17. Late dagrin don sing am already(police because of N20 dey fit fire citizen) shey no b so?

  18. Dats y dey are Police FORCE, Dey use force lol

  19. Let’s go to our office is in front

  20. bcos of N50

  21. Some of those men in black are agbero

  22. De no won hea say u no stop

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