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Girls Will Always Be Girls

Girlfriend giving house directions to her Boyfriend: “come to the front gate of my apartment where you dropped me,

look for flat 9A, you’ll find a lift on your right.

Then, hit 9 with ur ELBOW…

And get out of the lift you’ll find my flat on left.

hit the doorbell with your ELBOW & I’ll get to open the door for you”

Boy Friend: dear that seems easy but why am I hitting buttons with my ELBOWS only?

Girl Friend: “OMG!! Are you coming empty handed ???” O_O

Boy Friend: (speechless)



  2. Dt One No Be No Be Direction Na Just Waste Of Time

  3. Girls LIKE GIFT A LOT

  4. she’s expecting alot of gift

  5. Boy :No am coming with somthing, guess what
    girl: baby what nah
    boy: Rat Poison

  6. laffs, is our work oh, soft work…

  7. Na true, how can he come visit empty handed

  8. Funny, girls have an undioluted passion for gifts.
    It’s “First Commenter” not “First Commentor”@philly

  9. LMAO…girl will neva change

  10. Seriously you can’t come empty handed.

  11. U know we girls are precious 😘😍😋

  12. girls paaa

  13. Dat’s Girls 4 U

  14. I agree with u @ Amerl

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