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Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo…Part 8

As we entered, A senior then shouted at us….
Where are you coming from?
Friend: I went out to urinate.
Senior: okay, you can go. And you fawaz!
Me: (stammering)I .I ..I …I ….I w. w.. w… w… went to…
Senior: (shouts) where are you coming from?
Me: from the clinic sir!
Senior: sha go and sit down…
Me: (feeling relaxed)
After something like 13minutes, I slept off…

The next thing I was seeing was my Joystick going in and out dammy.
Dammy: wait small, let’s change style.
Me: (looking at her as she bend)
Dammy: Oya, enter me like that.
I was ramming in and out of her, Bleeping every angle/corner of her Kittycat as she was was rubbing her hand all over my unclad body.

I was feeling like it shouldn’t end because I enjoy all things that’s happening.
I F**K and she F***ed the hell out of her and me respectively, lolz. I didn’t understood the language she was speaking again, I guessed it must be a chinese language.
After like 7mins, she took out my Joystick and gave the best blow job ever to me which we both enjoyed.
I also grabbed her Bosom and suck like my life depended on it from the corner I took out her Bosom from.

My Joystick was in her mouth and my mouth was on her not to large bossom.

I was sitting on her leg in such a way that my Joystick was inside her mouth and I was sucking her Bosom…
The style, though it was painful but its sweet ehn.

We were on this for something like 5mins before I released. I was tired of the Bosom something but she was still sucking my Joystick not minding that I pour my released Pour into her mouth.

She was playing with the balls and sucking.

She then took my head to her Kittycat telling me to suck her, I didn’t answer her by bringing my head up back which she forced me till I shout
The next thing I heard on my face was a great slap…
Guess where the slap came from?????
It was
To Be Continued…


  1. Pls post in d dark of love betrayal and trust

  2. uuhhmm

  3. Interesting

  4. Interesting HBB

  5. slap 4rm 1 of ur senior or fwend lol..Maybe u dey daydream

  6. hmmmm but y did dey not tel us were d slap came from be4 cutting d episode

  7. a senior

  8. It a dream. But let see were the slap came frm

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