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Holy Bad Boy Turn Baddo…Part 9

Was tired of the Bosom something but she was still sucking my Joystick not minding that I pour the Pour I released into her mouth.

She was still playing with the balls and sucking.
She then took my head to her Kittycat telling me to suck her by licking the lips of the Kittycat, I didn’t answer her by bringing my head up back which she forced me till I shout
The next thing I heard on my face was a great slap…
It was one stupid senior that slapped me.
Senior: oya go gamma for there!
(Gamma is a punishment where you’ll rest your back on a wall and be doing like a cyclist riding on a bike I.e you’ll be riding an imaginary car)
Me: ejo na (please na)
Senior: abi were le leyi ni? (Is this one mad?)
Me: ejo na, I’m not feeling fine ni
Senior: stand up first
As I stood up in front of him, that was when I noticed my Joystick was hard and its pointing out.
Senior: oko were le ni sha! (See as his Joystick don rise sha)
Me: I wan urinate ni
Senior: u wan urinate na d reason wey dey make you sleep for prep class. U don craze o.
Me: I wan weewee (I then ran out)
Senior: come back here
I didn’t even answer till I reach outside the dining hall (prep class). I then want to calm my mind down so for my Joystick to turn soft from its hardness.
The funniest part was that

“as I was caressing the Joystick to be softened, its still gaining more force”
After like 25mins outside the hall that my Joystick doesn’t show any sign of coming down, I then heard a thick voice from afar.
Voice: who is there?
Me: me!
Voice: me is your name? let me meet you there.
Instantly, I recognized the voice as Mr. Adesomis.
(Mr Adesomi was the house master for school one)
I ran inside as I heard the voice, I didn’t believe my Joystick can come down with the voice it heard.

But as I ran back inside, I enter into another wahala.
I met ……….
To Be Continued…


  1. ur joystick want u 2 suffer

  2. lol–i guess ryt

  3. diz una episodes!!!-very very short..Abeg pls let it be a little lenghten

  4. Your joy stick is suffering from staphlococus erectus

  5. wow next

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