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‘I Sold My Soul To The Game Just To Dine With The Devil’ – Olamide

Olamide Adedeji aka Baddo released 6th studio album titled “THE GLORY” on the 26th of December 2016. All Songs on it are awesome as the artist dazzles his fans with incredibility and uniqueness of style.

Olamide spat fire on the intro of the track titled ‘Letter To Milli’ where he talked about selling his soul to dine with the devil .

…In letter to milli – olamide said:

“…In every level, there is a different devil
I sold my soul to the game
Just to dine with the devil…”

Biko baddo kilo shele gan gan?? Did you truly sell your soul to the devil


  1. uhmmm..Doz stupid lyrics jst to create new topic 4 we fans..

  2. anytin him do na 4 him head so anytin him sel na him sabi

  3. I was expecting this line to generate controversy and I am very sure that was what Olamide intended to do. Now 1000laff don start am it will keep Olamide in the news for this year.

  4. u a very stupid,empty barrel like u ola

  5. he z very ugly in dat picz

  6. so wat is the idiot trying to tell us?

  7. is not his fault!! he lack manner of approach??

  8. he really did sold his soul to the devil

  9. i swear 4 me kennykidoo (next up coming artise) u olamide is still my role model………………..wat i need 4rum u people is 2 sposur me pls

  10. i dont know wht z wrong with that guy

  11. let him continue o afterall all his songs makes sense

  12. It Make-up

  13. yes it make up

  14. Ur business ur headache

  15. I 4got what i had 2 say

  16. Hmmm badoo sneh Wat happening

  17. it all vanity bro

  18. notin upon notin

  19. I pity him bcos of money u sold your soul 2 that old dragon

  20. Hmm spell bounded…
    badoo y dint u confess earlier, is d torturing too much??? Jst wait til u meet d final judge waiting 4 u

  21. Finally, e don be

  22. I dunno why u guys keep carrying other people’s problems on Ur head,drinking panadol for another person headache…besides if olamide storms your area, I’m sure y’all would scream for joy and some of una go even faint…come to think of it he’s an artiste and u should expect new styles in his music’s stop criticizing and fuck off

  23. It means I give passion to music(game) just to earn money(devil)

  24. That what yoruba actors use in their movies

  25. anything abt game or devil wT I knw is DAT am still ur fan

  26. Too Much Of Weed, Stop Smoking

  27. I’m not shocked to see that…b4 nko is he going to heaven…

  28. Dats his headache, non of my biz

  29. This is unbelieveable

  30. Stating d Obvious

  31. What actually are u trying to insinuate..??@Badoo

  32. no b hin type illumimati dey accept joor…..ike nla!!!

  33. Bado going no stop

  34. Game> music
    devil> money


  36. ehe. Nigerians u wan find wettin una go dis kind tin dey good for una..
    For goodness sake this is JUST lyric

  37. ehe. Nigerians u wan find wettin una go dis kind tin dey good for una..
    For goodness sake this is JUST lyric

  38. is this true? l never like olamide

  39. Ha ha ha dis is so funny cuz most of d koment r made by fools. he didnt sell his to me bt the game jst 2 dine wit me d D

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