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If This Happened To You, What Would You Do?

Imagine you just finished having
a hefty lunch and you were

Relaxing on The bed when you

heard a knock on Your door.

You Immediately jumped out of the bed, and the rush made you to hit your big toe against the edge of the wooden bed.

Then the pain of it pushed you down and you fell against your iron-bucket containing water, splashing the water all over your room.

As You tried to stand up, you slipped and fell against your television which fell too, broke in pieces and its naked-wire touches the water and shock you 4 times!

Imagine after all these, you made it to the door with all the pains, you opened the door and a guy/lady standing outside your door and tells you:-

Please What Would You Do To HIM/HER?😁


  1. I will smash him\her

  2. I will do nothing.

  3. nothing dear

  4. Heh! I’ll land that person a factory reset slap. Then I’ll give him/her a lecture on proper timing.

  5. I will rain curses on him/her angrily

  6. I Go Lock Her Up

  7. You this impersontor you are bringing curses to you, your family and your entire generations, pls stop impersonating Queenboy.
    I won’t do anything cos it was as a result of my carelessness that all those things happened.
    Sometimes we(humans) needs to put blame on ourselves.

  8. i will ignore them

  9. I will shut my door against them without any utterances.

  10. Let it happen first

  11. I will smash his/her head

  12. I will register his/her life in the book of death

  13. SMH for the person

  14. SMH for the person

  15. NOthing,just acident

  16. So my village people don send you abi?(fight go start)

  17. that day we be my bad day.
    i will star crying(enemy from my mother’s house).

  18. i ill just gaze at he\she

  19. I will give him or her a very dirty slap and slam d door in his or her face.

  20. Or jehovah witnesses

  21. I ll slam d door in anger

  22. Omo person go die ooo

  23. Elmustapha Muhammad

    I’m new here

  24. When The Accident Happen First Then I’ll Know If I Should Beat The Person Up Or Nt. Bt On A Serious Matter I Won’t Do A Thing It Was Afterall Caused By My Carelessness

  25. I will register his /her face with slap.

  26. I will SLAP the hell out of them for causing me so much pain.

  27. Hmm at dat point i will stop imagining because if am 2 continue with d imagination he wil land in hell fire

  28. Haha,slap am well wel

  29. I will do nothing to the person.

  30. will stop assuming

  31. I will stop imagining

  32. I will just cry due to d pains

  33. I’ll tell him/her to clean the house with me.

  34. Clean up my mess

  35. i’ll jst smile & register d sim..

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