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Joke: Akpos Spelling Problem

Akpos: Please, send an amblance fast! My friend just had an accident.

He’s bleeding from the nose and ears, and i think both of his legs are broken!

Operator: Where is your location?
Akpos:gba–ja–bia–mila street

Operator: Please,spell the gbajabiamila
[minute of silent]

Operator: Are you there?
[still silent]

Operator: Hey,mister! are you there?

Akpos:[panting] erm…erm…so sorry for the delay i couldn’t spell i’ve dragged him to oni street. Should i spell it now?


  1. Interesting

  2. Interesting joke

  3. Dude Thats Just Cruel

  4. u don’t need to spell it

  5. Haha itz funi

  6. spelling problem indeed

  7. lol why the spelling sef

  8. That’s nice

  9. sai akpos

  10. sai akpos
    way funny

  11. wtf…mehh lwkmd

  12. This joke has been posted before

  13. 9c One Akpors D Dullard

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