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Joke: The Akpos Of Before

Akpos chased by two guys
Akpos was being chased by two
men for one of his numerous crimes. Akpors ran into d forest and d men followed him.

Akpos got into the forest and climbed a tree. The two men got
to the tree where Akpors was and
did not know where he run to.

Angrily, one of the men, Eazy retorted:
“This boy has escaped again”. His colleague replied: “I know Akpos,
if I call his name thrice, he’ll answer!

Akpos laughed from d tree and said to d men: “If you like call my name from now till next year I no go answer u, U think say na Akpos of before?”


  1. mumu akpos

  2. lol . mumu akpos

  3. big mumu
    juz passing by

  4. lol that guy nah idiot

  5. Akpos is a joker.

  6. Akpos is real mumu

  7. Fool,is He A Monkey

  8. Funny akpos lolz

  9. U forget to add u na bi mumu people

  10. Those always commenting no funny on a joke. I JohnnyWhite is not surprised because your problem is more than you so nothing seen funny to you.

  11. Akpos u be special mumu

  12. o boy! He no get brain.

  13. Funny akpors

  14. akpos u na brainless and such a daft.MUMU AKPOS

  15. akpos indeed

  16. lo………lz

  17. Akpos be mugu?

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