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Jokes: Akpos At The Police Station

Akpos at Osu Police station today. 

To his surprise, he saw a police man on duty reading a Bible. 

So he went to the policeman and asked, “Who killed Abel?” 

The policeman replied, “Ask Inspector Yakubu. He is in charge of murder cases.”


  1. Hahahaha… Funny

  2. Wetin concern akpos cos a police dey read bible…. Hahahaha

  3. Lol Hu Send Am

  4. Lol Hu Send Am.

  5. funny and a nice one

  6. Akpos dey craze


  8. akpos is crazy

  9. Funny Akpos

  10. 👀👀

  11. Funny indeed(it’s really funny)

  12. Police man doesn’t know d bible

  13. Jux lyk dat?lol

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